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Common Law - Hosea 4: 6


Hmmm sounds great. Real wholesome and good. "In theory" And it should work and probably would had it not been for the 1302 unum sanctum. Having it right the royals rent their title from Rome and do as they're told like good little parasites. It's a three crown system.

First crown = Vatican The second= alleged royals the third is the bar. They sold us out Caroline. Following several hundred years of alleged peace and alleged law the bank of England "of" meaning without in legalese was taken over in 1815 by the Nathan Rothschild and as he now controlled a bankrupt countries finances after bankrupting us by crashing the stock market putting out the news that we had lost Waterloo and buying up the war bonds for pennies in the pound he took over. The Rothschild family control the finances of the Vatican. The Rothschild family are the court K. Mafias of Rome just like they were the court K. Mafias of pharo. Did you notice oblisks anywhere? Maybe Rome the city of London and Washington DC? Doesn't Washington DC sit between 2 states? Virginia and Maryland? Were the Georgia guidestones commissioned by RC Christian? Doesn't both the WHO and the UN both have laurel leaves in their logo (as does Sacha's Humanitad)? Yes satanic banking families are involved but essentially who controls the central bank of central banks the BIS? The Vatican Vat-pot I Can. There is only one law Caroline and it's God's. If we are all equal under the law how can anything another man said is law apply to you, I or anyone else? Common law was supposed to follow the principles of God's law which really is very simple. You have the 10 commandments and the obvious. Cause no harm. It soon became apparent that COMMON LAW which after being usurped by the law society (bar) became UNFIT for purpose in many cases due to acts and other nonsense coming to pass when the Vatican started to worm its' way back in, in 1666 shortly after the Fire of London hence the law of equity being set up in courts of chancery, where COMMON LAW FAILED equity could be used to provide remedy and would override statutes. English Common law is CASE LAW and different to THE common law. Everything changed in 1911 when the Vaticans court K. MAFIA did deals in a meeting on Jeckyl island with other banking families. Those that did not go along with the plan sank with the Titanic which actually wasn't the Titanic. (Story for another day) And hey presto the federal reserve was set up. Now you might want to look into the history of the board game monopoly. The main figure looks a bit like JP Morgan right? The world we live in is effectively a giant game of monopoly we started playing near the end when all the initial players families had cheated from the outset printing money out of thin air and buying up real assets with effectively worthless bits of paper, fiat currency has about the same value as monopoly money, literally! Then 1933 came about and with a world bankruptcy (deliberately caused of course) where the only thing left of value was us and we were unwittingly made into debt slaves for the Vatican and their accomplices and then you got now. Well like every good scam they come to an end with the worthless bits of paper worth allegedly 2% of their initial 1913 value and we have served our purpose so what now? Kxxl the creditor before he finds out what we did! Too late we know already but just think each bond at the age of fifty is worth billions. Imagine how much richer the elite could get and with modern technology they can control the mind of the few transhumans that are still alive with zero status as a patented thing!

Pretty sick stuff hey? All roads lead to Rome and it's Roman/pagan/abrahamic/pharo priesthood! And the court K MAFIA of course well sabatean frankists/ Zxxxxxxs and their supporters Nothing more than Moloch worshipping scum! Absolutely demonic. Any idea of democracy is little more than a fairy tale. There is no separation of church and state and it's been that way for milenia.

So everyone please stop parading COMMON law/Article 61/Dissent and everything around please.

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