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Caroline. If people could be bothered they’d be very aware that the people of Nigeria have had this (CBDC) imposed upon them. How? By shooting them dead in the streets for rebelling. Their own government and central bank murdering people for wanting to keep cash.

Not only that, those who prepared by withdrawing said cash were told they couldn’t spend it! After weeks of hardship they’ve caved to the slaves' system.

The US with all the Trump distractions has launched a ‘soft on ramp’ very quietly towards this as have other countries.

Doesn't take a genius to join all the dots. They’re holding back food, we’re still in a drought (in Yorkshire) you can’t afford to heat your home.. on and on. All their chairs in a row.

You can no longer access what you have to contribute towards Healthcare, police etc.

If the lights go out and there’s a blackout are you prepared to defend yourself and family?

Because it’s coming too.

Open your eyes and heart and throw yourself into the arms of the Lord for guidance. Because YOUR GOVERNMENT ISN’T COMING TO HELP YOU. THEY’RE COMING TO ENSLAVE YOU.


My response

They've got their ducks in a line. Of course there's going to be a few glitches as the establishment is lining up all the various projects. Let's be honest if you visit places like India with the highest unofficial population in the world for example and probably the largest undocumented number of people in the world, things might not run as smoothly in the transition as say in the UK. People can rest assured that no dominoes are falling simply wishful thinking on their part methinks.


Caroline Stephens indeed.

Think of all the data they have on everyone on this worldwide scale?

That’s what event 201 was all about imo.

They’ll take down the whole infrastructure to bring everything back online under their own structures.


My response

The 'warning' event on April 23rd is perhaps not just symbolic but starts off a chain of events....

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