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Canada and Euthanasia- Spectator snippet

Written By: Jane Stannus Two cheers for a brief hiatus in the Canadian stampede towards suicide for all. Earlier this month, David Lametti, Justin Trudeau’s justice minister, announced that legalization of euthanasia for the mentally ill will be delayed by one year. This, he said, will give the health system and regulatory bodies more time to prepare. Mentally ill adults will now become eligible for euthanasia in March 2024. Sadly, it’s a mere hiatus. Despite the international wave of horror in recent months pushing back against Canada’s sickeningly casual euthanasia regime, the government clearly has no intention of walking back…

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Any connection between the top picture and the Facebook picture?

Let's not forget this article

Campaigners have slammed as 'reckless' and 'horrible' a plan by a Canadian parliamentary committee to expand the country's assisted-suicide program to terminally sick children.They told that sick and disabled kids could soon be joining the roughly 10,000 adults who end their lives each year by state-sanctioned euthanasia in the world's most permissive such program.

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