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Australia - Written by a Freedom Loving Australian

I have come to the following conclusions-

  1. Australians are being used as a CASE STUDY by the New World Order as to how far they can be subjected to FEAR before they rebel en masse in the streets.

  2. The Leadership of Communist China and Russia are intent on causing Civil War in the USA so that they can take control in the USA and dominate the World Population.

  3. Corruption has taken over in Australia, the US and UK, all levels of Government and their Agencies, the Electoral Systems, the Judiciary and the Media. The money trail leads to this Corruption.

  4. The Freedom loving People of Australia and the World are being oppressed and censored to silence them.

  5. Craig Kelly MP is the only Member of the Australian Federal Parliament with the courage and conviction to talk about (1), (3) and (4).

Freedom loving Australians face EXTINCTION of their LIBERTY by either

  1. The New World Order: or

  2. Communist China and Russia.

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