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An Interview - John Mappin with Caroline Stephens?

Good morning John

Long time no speak when we met briefly over Brexit when I was employed by LeaveEU!

Having moved on, as you may be aware, I interview people with an interesting story to tell. I recently watched a Scientology documentary on Sky and it revealed the extent of their data collection operation. Wow!!

I note that you recently entertained Lawrence Fox and Piers Corbyn simultaneously. Of course as you know, they were 'fighting' between themselves to become the Mayor of London so from 'foe' to friendship. How amazing is that!!

Now we are coming to the end of the Ghislaine Maxwell/Prince Andrew/Epstein connection, details are being circulated regarding other names in the black book. Do you think now would be an appropriate time to provide your side of the story?

I note that you and Nigel Farage are embarking on a 'Green venture' together. Perhaps we can cover all these items and perhaps more including the Light (Luciferian Light) Paper especially with your connections to Darren and Piers. I did notice that you recently interviewed Darren who made a song famous (though the song could be misinterpreted to havei deeply sexual connotations).

Do you use Skype?

I think that our conversational expose will generate a great deal of interest among the anti vaxx community.

Maybe we can conclude our conversation with a discussion as to the Government Psyops which was called Q and the absolutely hilarious NESARA/GESARA project.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Caroline Stephens

Seeking the truth


Twitter @casAnnStephens


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