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An email being issued to your MP - Julian Assange - Greece

Good afternoon Justin

I hope that you are well. Since I became aware that the UK is actually a corporation, I have refrained from writing to you until now. I have been contacted by Greek politicians and they have specifically asked me to make contact with you and your colleagues.

You may be aware that there is an initiative ‘on the go’ arranged by a Greek political party AKKEL


for awarding honorary Greek citizenship to Julian Assange and the possibility to combine this with the exchange of Julian Assange and British citizens imprisoned by Russia for their involvement in the Ukraine war. Assange could be sent to Greece to personally participate in this procedure and for British citizens to be returned to the UK.

The visit of AKKEL's president in Saint Petersburg at the beginning of May was to participate in the celebrations for the victory against Nazism, among others, and also to inform Russian officials and the public about the effort for Assange. Now there is at least one initiative in Russia see


and )

promoting the exchange of Julian Assange with imprisoned British citizens as the Greeks had also considered this as an option some months ago. It is time UK officials and citizens start considering it too, especially because this would be a very good way to secure the release of British citizens and finally disengage the UK from "The Assange Case". I'm sure that many in the USA would also welcome this wholeheartedly to ensure that they were to disengage from the case upon completion.

The initiative in Greece provides for an "acceptable ground" where Assange could be released free. Greece could also be a starting point for him to restore his health and continue his life. Even if Russia agrees to the exchange, it may not be appropriate to select Russia for releasing Assange in the current situation. The Greek initiative makes Greece more appropriate and also provides a helpful environment for restoring his health.

Your actions. together with those of your peers, to quickly materialize the above are essential and we are waiting for your response and cooperation.

I look forward to hearing from you and will relay your response to AXXEL immediately. For your information, this letter will be circulated on social media.

Many thanks

Caroline Stephens

Seeking the Truth

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