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I believe in the Hampstead case because I volunteered for the probation service.

Here is my story

For women who had been pimped out by their partners and seriously abused yet the probation and the courts removed the children from the mother and passed custody to the perpetrator. I couldn't 'get my head around that' when I challenged this. I was always shut down and told that I had signed a none declosure form which was legally binding and I could be sent to prison.

I found ways to help these women which was 'off the books'. Working in that environment, you could see that the system was set up for the benefit of the perpetrator not the victims.

One of the previous women I worked under was sacked. She was similar to me. We worked against the system to help these women but the establishment didn't like this. We were spending more time with these women instead of the allocated time scale they gave us. Also the number of women we got away from the abusers was rising. We got these women homes and jobs so when it got to the point of the court proceedings for custody we were able to manage to show the courts that the women had come off drugs and they were no longer a 'risk' to their child. It was a joke really because these ladies shouldn't have been questioned if the partner hadn't have prostituted her out and supplied her with drugs and removed all of her finances because he controlled her. Yet the man was able to take the children in some cases the children followed on from their mother being the tool for the father . Yet his criminal activities were brushed under the carpet and the mother was made out to be disillusionalized and she would be judged by his forced actions not his actions . There are many events I could mention about the probation system it was so devasting and so unbelievable I tried to make difference but the system is so corrupt its impossible to fight it

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