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I have no time for people who follow Luciferians, it is as simple as that for me. It tells me a lot about who these people really are and what their ethics and morals are. These people can't help it, they are just deeply ignorant and possess a very unjustified arrogance that will prevent them from waking up and this, along with their inability to humble themselves is why they haven't woken up. I am done trying to do them the best favour anyone could ever do them. I have planted the seeds and there's no point trying to harvest crops that aren't ready. Some people were never meant to wake up and there is little point in wasting time on terminal zombies. These people literally believe in someone who said that the world would end in 1997 and they clearly think that their knowledge of PCR testing and mask safety make them well equipped to ignore my advice. I respectfully disagree, but each to their own. I'll give them one more tip before we part ways - If they have a Wikipedia page, they are controlled opposition... all the best.

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