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Firstly this man is NOT at loggerheads with Gateshead council, his company Reevu was one of the companies who the council collaborated with named as a collaborator on the Smart Specialisation programme with the council, Link to the North East Local Economic Partnership Smart Specialisation Report…/cu…/files/nesmart-specialisation.pdf

Links to Reevu Worldwide Ltd mentioned on page 55.

So the story of him not knowing the council and being at loggerheads is fraud.

He is also part of the same EU 5G pushing Horizon2020 framework who finance 5G research, in particular a project called Urban Mobility Transport that both he and Gateshead belong to,

Steele in his linked in profile, showing the same group link, to Civitas.

One of Civitas projects is called the SUN rise project which involves local collaborators and the council who are to take part in living labs using street furniture.

The project logo was encouraged to be used in any Sunrise projects, go check out the Sunrise project logo and Steele,s political party called SUN logo!

He has his goods for sale on the UK Defence Supplies website which is affiliated to InnovateUK, the 5G pushing agency of the UK, also the Israeli Homeland Security website.

Horizon2020 fund thousands of agencies and Govt groups and councils, including Gateshead and Newcastle, as well as the Civitas projects. If you scroll through this document you will see that H2020 is funding Gateshead council and many other govt agencies (over 2000)…/per-country/…/index.html

His Crown court case was seen in front of a known advocacy testing judge, his case is NOT mentioned in the Law pages, that every single Crown court case is in.

His Magistrate court case was adjourned. The case was also falsely reported because his solicitor was falsely named when it was Ian Crane.

This man is a fraud, a gatekeeper, he has been pulled up by experts on many of the comments that he has made and the claims he has put forward have been shown to be false.

These include posting pictures of people with frostbite claiming it is radiation damage, pictures of children who have obviously taken a tumble with scratches and bruises claiming it to be from 5G, he has shown YT vids of trees that have been damaged by 5G which have been refuted by Tree experts.

Everyone who challenges him or even asks him questions on his claims is called an agent, a pedo, a grass, or any manner of things and is blocked then attacked by his followers.


His idea of stopping 5G is to get everyone to join his political party called Save Us Now-SUN. Which is really the SUNrise project that both he and the council are obviously part of under the Civitas banner, so asking for 5G for his court case is fraud.

Most of the links above have now been removed.

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