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6th email to Andrea Williams - Christian Concern - who are you?


This is my sixth letter to you and having not received any responses to date, I feel sure that this will not be my last one.

Your article from your website dated 11th August, 2022

Myth 1: Archie was brain dead, according to his doctors Truth: No doctor ever diagnosed Archie as brain dead. The established test for diagnosing brain stem death could not be carried out.

My response: According to Hayden's report dated 15th July 2022: On the 26th April 2022, the Applicant Trust sought a declaration that it was lawful to undertake brain stem testing and to withdraw mechanical ventilation in relation to their patient, Archie Battersbee, a 12-year-old boy. There was a good deal of anxiety that Archie’s medical circumstances were so fragile that the practicalities of undertaking MRI scanning might provoke a crisis. Ultimately, the brain stem testing was attempted, but it was NOT successful. There is strangely no explanation as to why 'it was NOT successful' which must surely be a key element to the truth. Now according to Essex Live She (Hollie) told Holly and Phillip: "Only AFTER research did I find that they can SIGN a death certificate AFTER this brain stem test and WE'D LOSE all rights to decide to demand ANY care so we have to refuse it." His mother added: "They had us in court within two weeks. Every single minute is precious, I'm having to sit in court not getting back to the hospital someday until half seven at night. According to various reports on social media Ella Carter/Hollie Dance refused to allow for him to undergo the test. Can you clarify the truth of the matter and amend your article if and where required to set the matter straight? This would fit with the Essex Live article which said that if they had gone ahead with the test then he would have been issued with a death certificate. Perhaps it would clarify matters if you provided people with the truth? According to the Guardian June 2022 Archie Battersbee: judge rules 12-year-old is ‘brain-stem dead Hayden's Report continues: Archie’s doctors considered that many of the signs and symptoms that they could see and evaluate clinically, pointed strongly towards Archie HAVING sustained brain stem death. The Judge who heard the application, Arbuthnot J, was persuaded by this analysis to make a finding of brain stem death by application of the civil standard of proof. 2. The Court of Appeal concluded that such an approach was wrong in law. It strikes me that it is also wrong, clinically. Onto your Myth 4. Myth 4: The case ended up in courts because the family had unrealistic hopes that Archie would recover Truth: The family continued to pray for a miracle, but at the same time, did not question the medical evidence and the pessimistic prognosis that Archie was likely to survive at most for a few weeks. The family had a strong ethical objection to the idea of a ‘planned death’, and to removing life support in the knowledge that this would cause an immediate death. Rather, the family wanted his death to happen in God’s time, whenever it might be, and in God’s way. My response: According to Hollie's Facebook profile page (please see attachment) she has NO religious beliefs. Can you prove your previous statements on her awakening please since I can find no evidence from her profile? and under the same myth you continue: Logically, the severity of Archie’s medical condition could not weigh in this debate one way or the other. My response: Please can you explain your 'logic' as to why it is not important to take into consideration Archie's medical condition? May I respectfully remind you that Archie's 15th July 2022 (Hayden) report included: On the 15th April 2022, further MRIs and MR angiograms were reviewed. Dr P, Consultant Neuroradiologist, concluded: “...On the MRA no blood flow can be detected within any of the intracranial blood vessels. This represents a further deterioration compared to his earlier CT scans...” 12. Dr P further analysed the MRI scans thus: “...The MRI scans performed on Archie showed evidence of severe deterioration of the appearances of the brain of Archie with, now, established severe generalised hypoxic ischaemic brain injury affecting the entire brain; in addition, the brainstem and lower part of the back of the brain (medically called the cerebellum which basically translates as “little brain”) had started to abnormally descend and herniate downwards through the bottom of the skull as a result of the severe brain swelling caused by the now absent blood circulation to and through the brain tissues- this herniation or protrusion of brain tissue downwards and out of the bottom of the skull is medically termed ‘coning’ and was severe on the MRI scan performed on Archie at this stage – this process of ‘coning’ is a very reliable marker for a point-of –no- return for brainstem function...The MR angiography performed on Archie showed the absence of blood circulation to the brain inside the skull...” 13. A second opinion undertaken by Dr K, a Consultant in PICU, advised a brain stem test be performed but also emphasised, “even if the tests did not confirm brain stem death, given the clinical situation, we would likely recommend stopping invasive mechanical support as being in Archie’s best interests given the severity of brain injury he has sadly suffered...”. 'Alive and kicking' were the words you used in a subsequent article. I'm trying to establish why Christians hold your various organisations under your apparent leadership in high esteem. In fact at least one of your organisations includes an ex Archbishop who covered up paedophile Bishop Ball and his nefarious activities. I'm sure all the real Christians in Ukip for example would be truly shocked at this revelation. Onto your myth 5 Myth 5: The courts put Archie at the centre of this case, and made a decision based on objective evidence of what Archie would have wanted for himself in his own best interests Some time before his accident, Archie had told his family that if he ever was permanently unconscious on life support, he would want it to be maintained for as long as it takes, because he would not want to leave his Mum. My response: You are asking a reader of Christian Concern to accept that Archie age 12 who had been deeply depressed (according to his own social media output) would have a discussion about this prior to his attempted suicide? Really? and you continue: However, the Court decided to override Archie’s own wishes because the Court concluded that a ‘planned death’ – as opposed to a natural death in God’s time – was in Archie’s best interests. My response: Archie was clinically dead on 31st May 2022? As per the Guardian: A judge concluded that he died at noon on 31 May based on MRI scans that day, and on appeal, another ruled that continuing ventilation was not in his best interests. Onto your myth 7 Myth 7: Cases or this kind are very rare Truth: High-profile cases such as Charlie Gard, Alfie Evans, Isaiah Haastrup, Tafida Raqeeb, Pippa Knight and now Archie Battersbee are only the tip of the iceberg. My response: Charlie Gard - case dealt with by Christian Concern Alfie Evans - case dealt with by Christian's Legal Centre (CLC) * LINKED directly to Christian Concern Archie Battersbee - case dealt with by Christian Concern There appears to be a pattern forming wouldn't you agree? Is there an agenda forming? * Who are CLC? They are a private limited company. They are NOT a legal practice, or ABS. They are NOT a charity (so no loophole there). [Update: The memorandum of association sets out the CLC are a non-profit company. There is therefore a question whether they can carry out reserved legal activities under the s.23 Legal Services Act 2007 exemption (which was intended for Law Centres and Trade Unions). As a side point, the memorandum states that the minimum number of directors required is two. As far as I can see, there has been only one director since 2013.] The majority of shares/voting rights are held by Mrs Andrea Rose Minichiello Williams, who is also the sole director. She lists her occupation as ‘Barrister’. You then go on to say: On average, the Family Division considers 5 to 6 cases of withdrawal of life-sustaining treatment from children every year. Would you concur that 5 to 6 cases out of a population of 70m plus is rare and again not a 'myth'? Onto your myth 10 Myth 10: There is no reason to doubt that the senior judges who considered this case made a right decision in accordance with the law of the land Truth: Cases of this kind are not decided under any written law. They are decided based on the judge’s opinion, and whatsoever the judge thinks to be in the child’s best interests is given the force of law. My response: So let me take you up on this point about judges in this particular case we have Judge Emma Arbuthnot. Can you explain why she visited Archie in hospital? Is this normal?

After all, Emma Arbuthnot was controversially connected to the Julian Assange case. The son of Lady Emma Arbuthnot, the Westminster chief magistrate overseeing the extradition proceedings of Julian Assange, is the VICE-PRESIDENT and cyber-security adviser of a firm heavily invested in a company founded by GCHQ and MI5 which seeks to stop data leaks, it can be revealed. Alexander Arbuthnot’s employer, the private equity firm Vitruvian Partners, has a multimillion-pound investment in Darktrace, a cyber-security company which is also staffed by officials recruited directly from the US National Security Agency (NSA) and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Isn't this fact also relevant in the Archie Battersbee case or did you overlook this? Collusion? Finally, for now, according to the Guardian, Archie had a pet rabbit called Simian which means of, relating to, or resembling monkeys or apes. Strange name don't you think and a bit of a change from Flopsy or Mopsy? I truly hope that there is at least one good Christian out there that is prepared to Seek the Truth. Our Creator is watching and He must be extremely angry. More to follow but quite frankly if Christian Concern is a true Christian organisation then they must be hiding their light under a bushel. Your qualifications and funding of your various organisations will be the subject of my next email. All research completed. Your fake journalism leaves a lot to be desired. Watch this space. (This letter will be placed on my website as witness to Our Creator)

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