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5th November 2021 --------' ------- -----' State pension frustration as woman, 61, calls for age to be lowered - 'I've been robbed!' ( ------- I can't verify this but I am aware that Disney was a freemason. -------- Adrenochrome Adrenochrome Data Dump ( The link to the data dump files is here - ------- Bird flu -----' ------' ------- Farmers Panic -------- ------- Parasites- blood brain barrier --------- 1965 video. Scientist claims that the moon is plasma --------- ----------'s-not-science:3?r=zeHvqA81gmYsCNxEgztg9qAG9BmvcifP&sunset=lbrytv&fbclid=IwAR3P0YjuyForfm6_x5_7ZyS-6YRjzkluYHUYVJGu93Y4scQCDsYZmvihWnw ----------

Please always verify this information yourself

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