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£35000 for a funeral - Dignity - 4th email

Dear Andrea (lawyer?) of Christian Concern

I find myself writing to you yet again in such a short space of time. Please accept my apologies however having not received any responses from you thus far I had no choice but to write again. The landscape appears to be a changing every hour.

After Archie’s departure, may he rest in peace, the understanding across social media was that fundraising for his physio and emotional help would be terminated. Naturally. Of course this means 'dignity' a word that you believe in. Begging isn't dignified though is it? And I know how much you believe in 'dignity'. Sharing pictures across the world with Archie wearing a nappy isn't dignified is it? Very shameful and a truly a despicable act of family betrayal.

As you can see from the attached screenshot, the termination of fundraising does not appear to be the case and donations are still being accepted. There has however been an update to the original crowdfund description stating that the accumulated funds of 35k are to be allocated to Archie's funeral?

Now I'm sure that you can appreciate the craziness of the current situation. The cost of a burial using a funeral director costs less than £5k.

Perhaps you can unravel the situation for not only myself but the many Christians who had previously believed in you and your organisation but are beginning to question you and your alliances and at the same time can you clarify your personal lawyer status since there seems to be much confusion on the internet?


Caroline StephensSeeking the truth

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