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28th November, 2021 - newsletter - Rothschild (who runs the Crown Corporation Court Maritime System)

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Of course as we discovered a few days ago, this paper is not what it seems and The Light (paper) actually means Lucifer (the Light bearer) who is currently 'running the show' here on earth but not for much longer. For any Christian who believes that this is a 'Christian' paper which they've helped to deliver, it is being promoted by the freemason community and we know that they worship Lucifer. The paper promotes Satan, Ickonic etc and that is not something that Yahweh would allow his name to be associated with. FACT According to Companies House, it is due to be struck off. Maybe that's to coincide with the opening of prisons in the UK in January?


Darren Smith, the Light’s founder and editor, who performs as Darren Nesbitt, told the Guardian his publication has a print run of 100,000 copies, which are distributed by volunteers who sign up to the outlet’s core message that the coronavirus is a hoax.


The Secret Covenant - first uploaded to my website in June 2020



You may not find this link on your usual internet search tool. It can however be found on Duck Duck Go. Of course the Rothschilds run the Court system worldwide (Crown Corporation) so ........penny dropping yet?!!

  • System and Method for Testing for COVID-19 Publication Number: US-2020279585-A1 Patent Family: US-2020279585-A1 Priority Date: 2015-10-13 Inventor(s): ROTHSCHILD RICHARD A Assignee(s): ROTHSCHILD RICHARD A Classification: G06K9/00; G11B27/031; G11B27/10; G16H40/63; H04N5/76; ... Abstract: A method is provided for acquiring and transmitting biometric data (e.g., vital signs) of a user, where the data is analyzed to determine whether the user is suffering from a viral infection, such as COVID-19. The method includes using a pulse oximeter to acquire at least pulse and blood oxygen saturation percentage, which is transmitted wirelessly to a smartphone. To ensure that the data is accurate, an accelerometer within the smartphone is used to measure movement of the smartphone and/or the user. Once accurate data is acquired, it is uploaded to the cloud (or host), where the data is used (alone or together with other vital signs) to determine whether the user is suffering from (or likely to suffer from) a viral infection, such as COVID-19. Depending on the specific requirements, the data, changes thereto, and/or the determination can be used to alert medical staff and take corresponding actions.

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