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Wrestling Part 2

> Icke: "Well I’ve been on a long journey of nearly 20 years now, consciously doing this and some force has been pushing me in different directions through intuitions, through urges, ‘I just gotta do this/I’ve gotta go there’…As I’ve gone through this and followed it and who the forces are, I don’t know, I’m not really that interested, funny enough, I’ll just go with it and I’ll remember what it’s all about when I leave this genetic spacesuit."

As I go through these beliefs of David Icke and compare them with other well known occultists keep in mind that these occultists more often than not are indeed contacting and talking with these spirit beings, and their philosophy and ideologies as you will see are almost identical to David Icke.

Icke: "Since the publication of the Truth Vibration, I have learned so much more as I have communicated daily with Rakorski, the one known as the Lord of all creation, who is directly responsible for the changes the Earth will undergo. I also communicate often with the one we know as Jesus, the Spirit of the Earth, and many others" From Truth Vibrations

Icke: "One great example of the way this works I came across which the beings, which we call the guys, told us about"

Interviewer: "You call them the guys?"

Icke: "The guys, yeah, it's like Rakorski"

These entities called "the guys" are also known as ascended masters. They are defined supposedly as a spiritual being that has mastered it's spiritual evolution, have transcended the physical realm, has literally achieved Godhood. The spiritual hierarchy of these ascended masters are called The Great White Brotherhood. They are assisting humanity on earth spiritually evolve and transcend into the Age of Aquarius by working through people to spread their message that we are all one and we just need to come together. For a deeper and more advanced definition from a theosophists or an occultists point of view check out

What's interesting about this is "Rakorski" entity is it has the same name as the being that a woman by the name of Alice Bailey was channelling and talking to. Alice Bailey was a Theosophist who many people refer to as the founder of the New Age movement. Her works entitled "Externalisation of the Hierarchy" and "The Reappearance of the Christ" have had a major impact on wiccans, gnostics, pagans, freemasons, and many other occultists. In fact, she started up the publishing company Lucifer Trust, which had to be changed to Lucis Trust 2 years later obviously because of it's highly controversial name. We will be getting into her views on Lucifer later on.. With it's headquarters in New York, NY, Lucis Trust is a major publishing company for the United Nations. Lucis Trust's activities also include the Arcane School, a lending library of esoteric books known as Lucis Trust Libraries, Lucis Publishing Companies, Lucis Productions, World Goodwill, Triangles and a quarterly magazine called The Beacon.

Alice Bailey, Theosophist and founder of Lucifer Trust publishing, later changed to Lucis Trust for obvious reasons

Listen to Alice Bailey as she explains in the beginning of her book "The Externalisation of the Hiearchy" the current zodiac cycle we are now shifting into.

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