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Water water everywhere yet not a drop to drink

Rt Hon Matt Warman MP Dear Sir I was alarmed to learn that the Government have stated that, "NOT ONE SINGLE RIVER IN THE UK IS SAFE" Please allow me to inform you why this has happened. Local and Central Government do not recognise either ISO 9000/1 series or ISO 1400. Ditto for water companies. With thanks Yours sincerely Alan M Dransfield

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East Lindsey District Council Attn Robert Barlow CEO   /Michelle Sachs Monitoring Office Dear Sir and Madam @EastLindseyDC Not one single stream or river in your area is safe from contamination. I suggest the problems has been caused by your failure to use ISO9000/1 series and ISO 14000,Ditto for Water Companies . May I suggest you need to investigate your management failures. With thanks Yours sincerely Alan M Dransfield PS This does not include Coastal Waters.

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