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We who are simple analysts looking at all the available facts since early March have known that it is another psyop with no real call for any extraordinary measures except for those in the “clearly defined” vulnerable but relatively “easily protected” risk groups. That was the evidence then and with the actual performance of the virus the assertion is not only unassailable and actually damning to all of our authorities. 

However, what is also clear is that this pyop was intended to have a lot more substance to it with the Covid-19 virus likely intended to be more virulent and lethal once released into the general public. What was not planned was the amount of experts, physicians and health-care providers, and other people of rank and authority blowing the whistle that the Emperor has no clothes. As I have said many times before (all landing on deaf ears) – If the plandemic control people did not plan on and expect more people to have serious symptoms they would not have ordered so many hospitals and cleared-out wards in so many nations (e.g., Germany, Britain, Brazil, the US, etc,, etc,), and then pretended they were overloaded with dying Covid patients, when in fact we know they are empty, and health-agencies all around the world would not be falsifying and hyping the death numbers like they consistently did. 

It must be that this involves connecting a few dots that people just don’t get it, and to their own peril and that of the rest of the planet. There is no way such an elaborate pandemic would be planned on such world-wide proportions with such lock-step precision, with every government, major political leader, and media network doing exactly the same thing, following the same script, on the basis of a virus that was not a real serious threat and whose results had to be faked. There is no way they would just rely on media hype and health-care underlings to play along on such a grand scale coinciding with all of the huge lock-step changes they have announced for the Resets. There is no way at all. If you think so then you must believe that the expectations of the authorities were just a mistake, or an over reaction, to media hype created in China and exaggerations and panic from Italy, and that all of the deliberate exaggerations and outright lying by our authorities in our own nations was just a mistake as well, like they were just over-reacting. If so then you are part of the problem, and now the onus is on you to explain why all of the lying and fake numbers in our own hospitals. 

If you say it was because of the initial media-created panic then you also are liar because once the authorities in your own nation found out that there was no basis for the panic and the fear, not only did they not rejoice with the news, but they went in exactly the opposite direction and they deliberately exaggerated the numbers to hype the fear to justify the draconian economic and social lock downs. Their orders came from on high and are on a global scale. You deny the facts and go along with the direction our governments have gone then you are also part of the problem. 

Of course those who are faithful in the various chains of command and go to empty hospital wards everyday and return to their homes as heroes, are not really a part of the planning. They are just doing their jobs, keeping their mouths shut, and blithely obeying those above them for fear of losing their jobs, but they have no clue of the real peril they also are helping to perpetuate it, in not helping all of the whistle blowers at this critical time. 

It is both the empty hospital wards WITH all of the faking of morbidity and mortality numbers which has been exposed which is the smoking gun, and which proves that the actual planners expected more to suffer serious symptoms and far more to die from this virus. The FACT that our authorities have not rejoiced at the low numbers, and the FACT that they have bent over backwards to carry on the economic and social lock downs when at all material times none of the draconian restrictions were warranted, and they consistently continued to exaggerate the death numbers, IS sufficient evidence to hold that not only was the virus meant to be a PRETEXT for the economic and social lock downs, but that to maintain the lock-down and control measures the virus was expected by the planners to be much more deadly than it turned out to be once released into the general populace. 

Once listening to the magnitude of all of the “Great Reset” environmental, resource consumption, technological, social, and financial PLANS announced on June 3 by the select dignitaries representing the world financial establishment on the World Economic Forum, anyone with two brain cells listening to them and earlier WEF broadcasts know that the economic shut downs were all NECESSARY for their very coordinated massive economic, environmental, technocratic, and socialist resets. 

Apart from any support from any colleagues in this, it is my personal belief at this stage that the June 3 WEF brodcast with Schwab, Prince Charles, the SG of the UN, the acting head of the IMF, plus others of import ANNOUNCING THE OFFICIAL LAUNCHING OF THE GREAT RESET, was not planned at the time of the release of the virus last October, but is a improvisation like the faking of death numbers, where they are now being force to reach out to a huge segment of the population who know the virus is not that serious and it is likely a plandemic. They know that a high number of more secure people will follow their leaders and their ideologies, and cast a blind eye to the lying, deceptive, atrocious and murdering means which they now can believe were and continue to be necessary for mutual or universal ends. What they are saying is the unwashed, ignorant rest of us in life boats simply have to be fooled from time to time and even cast into the foamy brine. These are that large group of people who know what is going but who are either obedient in their chains of command, or those who follow the majority being led by the mainstream media, or those who are enchanted with all of NWO WEF promises of a “greener, smarter and fairer” world coming out of all of this. 

If you are an environmentalist then you are expected to remain onboard their yacht. If you are a globalist you are onboard. If you are a corporation neocon or a socialist, you are onboard. You can be part of the elite and you just have to keep trusting their wise rule of the world controllers, where they customarily find it necessary to deceive the ignorant masses with false flags and pandemic atrocities until they can reeducate them and brainwash them more effectively “for their own good”. That is the message and they would not have had to so formally invite you into their auspicious planning if their little virus had worked as they initially expected. 

However, they are now getting desperate. Too much is being revealed and people in nations like Serbia are rising up and calling out their government for all of the BS. 

What then is the PERIL? My God, I can’t believe that even as early as April a number us were saying that because of the poor performance of Covid-19, the next thing they would likely be threatening in order to carry on with the lock downs was the threat of “a second wave” with a mutation. Sure enough that is what they have done. If you are a newcomer and have reviewed the evidence, even by looking at the archives in this site and other sites, you must see that this in fact is a plandemic and that it is a carefully crafted tool which has been in the works for many years now and is perfectly timed to facilitate for all of the NWO agendas being released. Then there is the fact this same virus was in the Fort Detrick lab as early as 2015. It could not be tested in the general public but only under highly controlled conditions, which based on how it has operated in the general public, it did not work out as “predicted”, i.e., as PLANNED. 

This may be speculation, but it remains the only rational EXPLANATION, otherwise you have to say that their plans for all of this they are not revealing and rolling out on us, actually called for a more humane and weak virus like this one, and that the smoking gun of all of the government fake death and morbidity numbers was also a part of their plans. This does not fit the facts and the extent these people have gone. They have spent hundreds of billions over the past two decades planning their Great NWO Resets and what kind of a crisis would be necessary to bring us all into line. They have even repeatedly and consistently publicly announced the necessity and the planning of their pandemic operation from the publication of the Rockefeller documents in 2010, to the opening ceremonies of the 2012 Olympics, to the various pandemic drills since and in particular the Event 201 “drill” last October when the virus was actually being released in Wuhan. 

The PERIL for us is that the present Covid virus has been too weak, and not only have they promised a “second wave” but they now feel with so many people saying that the Emperor has no clothes, that they have to give more substance to the plandemic to make the facts fit better with the script. They now know they cannot rely on media hype and fake pandemic numbers to carry on the stoppages to justify the massive resets in the works, and they would not have had the credibility problems they are having now if the virus had behaved like they thought it would. Hence, they can either roll out the mother of all resets and plans now early and off schedule, which is mainly their universal financial one, plunging the West, in particular, into to the mother of all depressions a bet too early, and to more quickly concentrate most of the remaining wealth and power into their hands, or they can release another virus early this Fall designed to be more lethal, to allow a more gradual and credible transition to their ends, as planned. 

If our governments were expecting more deaths from the first round, then they no doubt believe and say they should not complain of any excess harm with a stronger Covid-like virus to fill in the blanks and save the entire performance. In for a penny then in for a pound. That is the way they think. That is what they do. We have to stop the nonsense.


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