Super 5G hotspots - could be very dangerous for people, symptoms include shortness of breath

EE's 5G cities so far are: London, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Belfast, Manchester, Cardiff, Bristol, Coventry, Leicester, Liverpool, Glasgow, Hull, Leeds, Newcastle, Nottingham, Sheffield, Sunderland, Wakefield and Wolverhampton.18 Dec 2019 Other providers on may below While the IoT allows for advances in technology that give us things like Crestron automation systems in our homes, the wider implications of 5G technology could be very dangerous for people. Therefore, Big Telecom will have egg all over their faces unless they keep their promises; or at least appear to keep them. The only practical way for these companies to save face is to fire up the 5G energy grid with a vengeance wherever its deployed. They know that user experience is crucial at the start of the 5G roll-out. If it fails — and it will — the ultra-hyped 5G rollout will go down as the biggest failure in corporate history. Crestron Dealers & Installers | New Systems | Maintenance | London UK Crestron Dealers & Installers | London & Cheshire UK | Award Winning, Since 1998. High End Crestron Specialists Providing New Installations, Maintenance & Support. Worldwide. Since becoming Crestron dealers in 1998 we have specialised in designing, programming and installation of high end...

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