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Found an up-to-date shill list on Facebook


Neil Oliver is obviously a big freemason


Truthers ... did you know about this special meeting that was arranged by Mark Sexton of the CIA? I believe it was back in July ...

The following people were invited:

Notts/East Midlands.

Andrew Bridgen, Dr Tech Khong, Gary Topley, Terry Calladine, Peter J Hastings, David Icke, Gareth Icke, Jaymie Icke, Barry Pine, Charlotte Swash,


Mark Sexton, Mike Shinton, Joey Yousef, Sam Goody, Richard Short, Mike Freeman, Jas, Debbie Williams, Angie Clarke, Mandy Clarke, Bryan Yewbury, Jennie Collinge, Martin Whitehouse, Matt Hoy, Brian Hill, Kidderminster Carl, Nick common law, Samantha Elliot


Murray Philips, Ritchie Tyrell, Robert Sproul, Ben Greer, Jim Ferguson, Alex Mitchell, John Watts, Steve Pollard, Neil Oliver

London/South east.

Vince Dunmall, Dr Aseem Malhotra, Laura Nina, Justin Rae, Dr Mike Yeadon, Fred Fairbrass, Richard Fairbrass, Laurence Fox, Fiona Rose Diamond, Ashley official voice, Barry Paskin, James Noone, John o Looney, Michael Chaves (Mad Mick), Mick official voice, Piers Corbyn, Ricky Regan, Simon Parry, Dave Morrissey, Nazarin Veronica, Jennifer Accuri, David Kurten, Jen Roberts, Jaclyn Dunne, Kevin Weaver, Chloe Anj.

North West.

Allan Weir, Damon Sharp, June Slater, Keith Fairclough, George, Jim Adams, Capt John Morris, Anthony Marlow, Bruce Lamb, Stacey Grace Evans, Pete Fairest.

North East.

Mark Steele, Graham Steele, Denny Blades, Suzanne U.K. Citizen, Lara Grylls, Jonathan Tilt, Joe Langley, Eddy Elwood, Junaid, Samuel Mowe, Jason Nota, Nicola Future Z,

Cornwall/south west.

John Mappin, Katie Hopkins, Nate Turner, Dr Dave Cartland, Casey, Katherine Macbean, Johnny Mac,


Geoff Mealing, Terry Kevin Charles, Dave Moor, Mark Dyer, David Rose,


Daz Hopkins, Lyndon Farrington,


Steve Forsyth, Matt Le Tissier, Pete Wellings, AJ Roberts, Philip Austin, Sue Stone, Nick Stone, Rich Stone, Joel Greene, Nick Primrose, Mark Sharman, Daron Wiseman, Dan Astin Gregory,


Dale Vincent, Andy Morgan, Kirk Morgan, Demi Kate,

Others invited location unknown.

Richard Vobes, James Melville, James Wells, Jamie Freeman, Maajid Nawaz, Sally Beck, Jacqui Deevoy, Mark Plays, Bev Turner, Paul Reynolds, Kate Sherimani, Mark Atwood, Dr Ahmad Malik, Dr John Campbell, Mick Stott.

John Bowe.

Some of you are on my friends list ... Can you give us a headsup as to what this was about and why it was kept hushed up!

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