Legal Profession - time for change?

Rt Hon Suella Braverman MP Attorney General Dear Madam I write to you in your official capacity as Attorney General. I have a forthcoming Upper Tribunal hearing against the Information Commission’s Office( ICO) which has the potential to involve  clarification on the Law of Contempt by Elizabeth Denham and other ICO Officials. The UT hearing date tbc. At this Juncture, Elizabeth   Denham is on record that ALL my future FOI requests will be deemed vexatious under section 14/1  and section 50(c)(2). Ditto for any EIR  2004 or SAR from me. In essence she has deprived me of my legal, civil and human rights by her unlawful draconian ban. I would also take this opportunity to ask you to investigate the ICO unlawful use of section 14/ 1 vexatious exemptions which indeed the AGO has used in the past. I do believe this is a serious enough complaint to warrant the intervention of the AGO. I do state the FOIA 2000 has been operating in a legal void since 2000 Solely because there is no legal definition for vexatious. For your information the ICO have used the Dransfield Vexatious Court Precedent over 10,000 times since Jan 2013. A simple ocular inspection of the ICC database will confirm this statement. If you wish to learn more about my complaint please look at the Court of Appeal  case (2015) EWCA 454 Dransfield v ICO and in particular pare 68.  i look forward to your response With thanks Yours Sincerely Alan M Dransfield FOI Campaigner and Social Watchdog

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