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Leadership in the UK, to infinity and beyond!


Let’s take a look at some of the people who class themselves as being in charge of the people of England.

We have a Prime Minister who was made aware of the plandemic back in November 2019 (according to the MSM) yet we have to question the validity of this date, not only because this was reported in the MSM and we mustn’t forget who controls 96% of our media, but the fact is and was that 200 mortuaries were being commissioned at the beginning of last year by councils arranging the tender arrangements for potential contractors. Hospitals also don’t get built overnight yet this is how it appeared to us…..Does the government take us for fools?

If this was a real ‘out of the blue’ pandemic, Doris would have immediately isolated people at the earliest possible time but the waters were muddied due to Parliament planning to count every death as CV19 related. All the politicians it appears were complicit to this stitch up from both sides of the house when they passed the CV Act of March 2020 unlawfully. Many people verified and indeed have been adamant that that their nearest and dearest did not die from CV19. We have absolutely no idea how many people died of this though we do know that whatever it is or was, that 95% of people who died had underlying conditions according to the office of National Statistics and the chance of someone aged 5 – 14 dying from CV19 was 1 in 3.5 m. Underlying conditions are often caused by what we have had entering into our bodies one way or another over the years so let me just leave that there. I think that I is fair to say that generally the globalists have been behind this assault of our bodies aided and abetted by all the puppet governments. I should also add that the impact of the lockdown (which is still continuing in part) will undoubtedly have a profound impact on so many people both young and old with education placed ‘on hold’, cancelled operations, business failures and job losses together with evictions and bailiffs. At the same time, we saw reports that the House of Lords were still demanding £323 daily allowance to attend a virtual Parliament. How much more will our people accept?

Anyway, suffice to say that if the government believed in some ‘Act of God’ which they certainly knew about in November 2019, they would have isolated sick people way back, they would have tested people as they came into the country and they wouldn’t have ensured that ill people were returned to care homes to infect others?

Yet if all of this is really real, why did Boris trot off with his partner Carrie Symonds to the Guinness Six Nations match at Twickenham Stadium, London on March 7th? Photos can be found online.

If this pandemic was really real, Professor Neil Ferguson in charge of the lockdown of UK and USA wouldn’t have met up with his married partner during the lockdown, Matthew Hancock wouldn’t have ignored social distancing in the Houses of Parliament by touching another MP and Cummings wouldn’t have been out and about with a strange story about travelling to Durham. Yet over the weekend, we learn that Britain is close to a 500 million pound ($624 million) supply deal with Sanofi and GlaxoSmithKline (strangely based near Durham) for 60 million doses of a potential COVID-19 vaccine, the Sunday Times reported at the weekend. “The Government’s Vaccines Task Force is actively engaging with a wide range of companies both in the UK and abroad to negotiate access to vaccines,” a spokeswoman for Britain’s business ministry, said, without confirming if Sanofi or GSK were among them.

Sanofi has received financial backing from the United States and caused a stir in its home base of France after its British CEO Paul Hudson signalled that Europe was being too slow in supporting work on a vaccine, hinting U.S. patients might get any vaccine it develops first.

The EU is also seeking a deal with Sanofi, and has invited Britain to join its efforts to buy vaccines for the bloc.

Perhaps the individuals in Parliament have a different genetic makeup different to ours but they certainly don’t have a positive agenda as far as I can see! Building empires on shifting sand is a sure recipe for their failure. Only time will tell. We heard that Doris had been ill yet in another article the doctor who was in attendance said that if he was indeed ill from it, he was not a doctor.

Why do I raise all these points now? Perhaps because Doris has drawn attention to himself by criticising care homes acted seemingly pinning the blame on them.

And what of the opposition who were also complicit in this unlawful passing of the Coronavirus Act 2020?

Well in 2009 Jimmy Savile was interviewed under caution by police in Surrey and Sussex. Subsequently the police referred 4 cases to the CPS alleging that he had abused 3 girls under the age of 16. The CPS after receiving the files from the police refused to prosecute. The man in charge of the CPS was the now Leader of the Labour Party.

Tomorrow sees Rishi Sunak married to the daughter of the fifth richest Indian business man, make a statement which has led to the Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey will delaying a meeting with Conservative members of parliament due on Wednesday to avoid a clash.

Sunak is expected to announce measures to limit a big surge in unemployment, which the BoE and other forecasters think is likely later this year, and in recent days he has already set out plans for billions of pounds of spending.

I’m sure we can’t wait to hear what he has to say!

So ladies and gentlemen, we are indeed occupied by people who are doing their best to destroy the airline industry, the agricultural industry, the self employed, small businesses and seemingly awfully keen to vaccinate the global population. Have a good day!

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