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La Palma #35 : SWORD OF DEATH !! December 18th 2021

GERMANY AND CORONA-AUSSCHUSS: Post of a #dieBasis member about a possible connection between #Soros and Reiner #Füllmich: Dear XXXXXXX, You asked me to provide evidence on the connection between Reiner Füllmich and George Soros, which I would like to do herewith. Reiner Füllmich is #founding member of the citizens' movement #Finanzwende. On the pages of the Citizens' Movement there is a list of founders, from which he had himself removed after being asked about this connection by the Federal Board (note Osterhage, Siber). Here you can find the list with RF: The following questions now arise in addition to the actual question of what he had to do with it: 1. why did he let himself be deleted from the list, since he remains founder once he has founded? 2. why does he attack parts of the federal board immediately after the request for clarification? In the following the ways of the financing: Bürgerbewegung Finanzwende, funded by #Rockefeller Brothers Foundation, #Climate Works Foundation, #Bloomberg Philanthropies, #Gates Ventures, among others. These in turn are funded by the Rockefellers, #Bezos, #Zuckerberg, Soros, Gates and many other so-called "philanthropists". Read about it at: I don't have the time or the inclination to follow every single lead. You can do that yourself if necessary and thus complete the Causa RF. But to have co-founded a company that relies almost exclusively on such funds is at least in need of explanation if you want to become our #partychairman. It is common to hide money flows through cascades of ventures, usually in the legal form of an association or foundation. The individual organizations pretend to work for humanity, but in reality it's about keeping funds safe from taxation so they can be used to increase their own wealth. Why does Reiner Füllmich participate in such a system? Why does Reiner Füllmich pretend that the #Corona-Ausschuss is a foundation? Seeking the Truth Telegram Group

Caroline Stephens

Seeking the truth

Broadcasting the Truth YouTube channel for the time being!

Twitter @casAnnStephens

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