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Ivanka Trump Virtue Signals to Get into Globalist Good Graces

By Susan Bradford

On January 29, 2001, President George W. Bush issued an Executive Order at the White House

for an Office of Faith-based and Community Initiatives to engage 11 federal agencies in helping

churches provide social services. To this end, the Bush Administration forged partnerships with

religious organizations, in line with public-private partnerships that enabled powerful special interests

to enrich themselves through government contracting by providing an endless array of products and

services on the government’s dime. What could go wrong?

Not long after, ministers being subsidized by pharmaceutical companies, encouraged their

congregations to support government initiatives like the Affordable Care Act, woke activism, and ope.

borders. During the Trump Administration, they discussed the benefits of vaccines from the pulpit.

Through government initiatives, the separation of church and state was being eroded, and values were

being reshaped and redefined to support a Communist New World Order.

President Barack Obama reinforced these efforts through his own Executive Order, dated

February 5, 2009, through which a President’s Advisory Council for Faith-based and Neighborhood

Partnerships was established, ensuring that congregation-based community organizations moved in

lock step with the federal government to advance public policy.

The Trump Administration built upon the inroads Bush and Obama had made with churches to

promote the Trump brand. In one instance, Ivanka Trump joined former Secretary of State Henry

Kissinger to launch a multi-million dollar, taxpayer-funded program to promote female

entrepreneurship overseas. Many female entrepreneurs had lost their companies and jobs to globalism

while Ivanka grifted off the taxpayer to promote her brand as a champion of women entrepreneurs, like


Reaffirming her true globalist leanings, Ivanka joined Chobani yogurt founder Hamdi Ulukaya

to deliver food to people in need as part of a Farmers to Families food box program. She did not dip

into the millions of dollars in profits she had made through her own businesses to feed the needy.

Rather, she tapped into church-government contracting programs through the Department of

Agriculture to provide food banks and community organizations with surplus produce.

Launched in 2020, Ivanka’s $6 billion Farmers to Families Box Program (USDA) provided

fresh produce to families affected by the coronavirus pandemic, a program that was discontinued over

“alleged mismanagement” and misuse of public funds for private gain. While the ordinary person saw

a dramatic increase in their grocery bills, Ivanka distributed free groceries with by a letter signed by

President Donald Trump.

The effort tapped into a collaborative network of churches that engaged in charity “in the name

of Jesus,” even though Ivanka is Jewish. As of January 4, 2021, the Secretary of Agriculture was

seeking an additional $1.5 billion worth of food for a Farmers to Families Food Box program while the

price ordinary Americans were paying for food skyrocketed. According to a press release, over 3.3

billion meals were distributed – or 10 boxes per American citizen. How many American citizens

actually received them? “During these unprecedented times, this Administration will continue to fight

for American families and will always put them first,” Ivanka said.

While farmers were being ordered to slaughter their own livestock and stores were suffering

supply chain issues brought on by the pandemic, the USDA “purchased combination boxes to ensure all

involved recipient organizations have access to fresh produce, dairy products, fluid milk, and meat

products, and seafood products will also be included in this round.”

Who were the recipients? Why were efforts not made to address the problems of American

homelessness, due in part to the outlandish cost of real estate brought on by the predatory, self-serving

policies of banks while firms, like the Carlyle Group and BlackRock, and real estate investors, like

Ivanka’s husband, Jared Kushner, have made obscene levels of profits through government grift?

Instead, the government and its corporate allies created conditions of desperation and then injected

themselves into the problem to solve it, with taxpayer funds and allotments going to politically￾connected contractors – not to people the Americans may have wanted to receive support, like

neighbors, but, potentially to refugees and a steady stream of desperate immigrants.

A hint to who these beneficiaries were lies in the name of the “Dream Centers.” The Farmers to

Families Food Box program is part of the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP), which was

developed as part of the federal government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, with advice on

offer from such Hamilton Project board members as former Google CEO Eric Schmidt and Carlyle

Group founder David Rubenstein.

Ivanka’s partner in his humanitarian effort was Chobani yogurt founder Hamdi Ulukaya, a self￾made billionaire and Turkish immigrant whose company has “proudly resettled refugees from Iraq,

Afghanistan, Turkey, and other countries to work in its factories in upstate New York and Idaho,” the

Mercury News reported. Info Wars chieftain Alex Jones accused the yogurt company of “importing

migrants” while Steve Bannon said the company was fueling a “Muslim refugee crisis.” Ulukaya even

spoke out against Trump’s temporary Muslim travel ban on grounds that “this is very personal for me.”

Upon closer inspection, Ivanka’s charitable efforts reflect government grifting and pandering to

globalism. Christianity Today reported, for example, that the Dream Center was a “model of faith￾based organizations,” which essentially built upon the partnerships Bush and Obama had established

with churches to project the government’s arm into congregations to ensure that government and

churches were aligned in purpose. The Dream Center was described as a “shelter for “human

trafficking victims” while George W. Bush described it in 1998 as a “model for faith-based

organizations,” an endorsement that should raise questions about the true intent behind such efforts.

The Dream Center is globalist by design – it has 84 centers in 29 states and 11 different

countries, raising questions of why this effort is being funded by American taxpayers. Ulukaya

attended the World Economic Forum in Davos, which is advancing the Great Reset, a project geared at

consolidating the world’s wealth and power under the Vatican and Rothschilds. Add to this that Ivanka

was identified as a “Young Global Leader” by the World Economic Forum in 2015.

Ulukaya has reportedly teamed with corporate leaders and foreign governments to help resettle

refugees. While his intentions on behalf of victimized people is noble, the Vatican has weaponized

immigration against the West. Rather than promoting self-determination, national sovereignty, peace

and prosperity among nations to curb the need for refugee programs, people are being displaced and

relocated into foreign countries, like the United States, through endless wars that are being waged at the

expense of ordinary people to advance the cause of globalism.

Ulukaya has reportedly pledged $2 million to the United Nations High Commissioner of

Refugees; signed The Giving Pledge, a philanthropic initiative by billionaires Warren Buffett and Bill

Gates; served as Obama’s Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship; and been a member of

the Upstate Regional Advisory Board of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, reflecting interests

aligned with the corporate, political, and financial elite whose self-serving, unprincipled actions have

created the very refugee crisis upon which Ivanka was attempting to build the Trump brand.

For an Administration that campaigned on an American First agenda at a time when U.S.

citizens were suffering greatly, Ivanka’s charitable efforts exposed the hypocrisy and self-serving

nature of the Trump clan who owed their wealth, power, and privilege to government grift and


Susan Bradford is the Author of The End of Globalism: How the Rothschilds Used Donald

Trump as a Trojan Horse to Deceive Patriots; Perpetuate Color-of-Law Governments and Central

Banks; and Rig Elections to Keep the Failing Plan for World Tyranny and Global Pillaging on Track.

You can connect to Susan and her books through

(c) 2022 Susan Bradford, All Rights Reserved (kindly reproduced with permission given)

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