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My unvaxxed friend has just rung me from a UK hospital. She fell over in the street and had to have a hip operation which has led to pneumonia. Her unvaxxed husband visited her this week, fell over and was taken down to minor injuries where he tested positive for Covid. Her husband is in hospital because of his accident rather than for 'Covid'. They have told my friend that since he had 'Covid' she will too and have placed her on a 'Covid' ward. Her test result today is negative. She is still on a 'Covid' 6 woman ward together with at least one other lady who has also just tested negative too. Will the hospital statistics show the 2 ladies as Covid patients.....? The other lady who tested negative cannot leave the ward until she has sufficient 'support' back in the community and cannot leave the hospital at the present time.

This must be a bigger scandal than the hospital Jimmy Savile scandal + Liverpool Pathway + thalidomide scandal put together. Moral of the story - if you are unstable on your 'pins' be very very careful - avoid hospitals at all costs.

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