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Falsification of UK Death Certificates - this story from Yorkshire

Three weeks ago my brother Paul Stanton passed away in his home in Upton, West Yorkshire. Me and Sally was with him he had a slight headache sweaty and warm. He collapsed and died. I gave him cpr for 20 minutes then thankfully Lisa Moore took over till the paramedics came took over. He was pronounced dead. He had had a heart attack. The paramedics phoned his doctors to make them aware of his death as did the undertaker when he came for his body. Forward 2 weeks and we still not heard anything about funeral etc found out doctors not informed registrar. Doctors say they were not informed of his death. They clearly were in front of myself and sally twice. Then the bomb shell came on Friday 3 weeks after his death coroner informed us he had died from COVID-19. No way did he die from COVID-19 not a chance 2 week before he had a negative test before discharge from hospital with colitis he obviously had a heart attack. No COVID symptoms at all. Told the Wakefield Coroner (no names all done over the phone) to go get fxxxxx. He did not die of corona and I was challenging her decision as I believe it is a government conspiracy every body who dies nowadays dies from corona. Told me I can do nothing can’t appeal or anything so I have to bury my brother knowing he died from a heart attack but with corona falsely on his death certificate. I have refused to let them release his body just yet till I work out what to. Any ideas. Special thanks to Lisa Moor. You're a star.

I promised the Wakefield Coroner that I would tell the world and have given my permission for Caroline Stephens to share my story including the picture of Paul. I hope more people now have the courage to tell their story.


Words sent to me by Graham, Paul’s brother 61. His partner, Sally was Paul’s official carer. Lisa is the daughter of Paul’s next door neighbour.

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