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Defamation - email dated 5th September 2023

Updated: Sep 6

Dear Andrew (Bridgen)

Let me refer you to this news article.

Which states:

Mr Bridgen announced on Wednesday he has now submitted a defamation claim to the High Court as he said Mr Hancock's comments were an attempt to "shut down valid concerns expressed by me".

He has launched a crowdfunding appeal for his legal action and said any excess funds will be donated to charities "supporting the COVID-injured and COVID-bereaved".


Now considering your 'form' within the court system, please can you provide evidence of this forthcoming court case since I am well aware of something called parliamentary privilege that allows a multitude of 'sins' including name calling. Can you explain and clarify where the £80k thus far collected in your quest to 'clear your name' has been invested?

The public deserve to know the truth. Please send me details of your defamation case together with details of the solicitors involved.

Many thanks in advance

Caroline Stephens Seeking the Truth

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