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Connecting dots..26th December 2021

Hi Caroline.

I have been watching this since I first heard about purchases made by Gates.

He has been buying price farm land in the U.S.,

Since then 2 others have come into it but I'm sure there's more world wide.

Bezos and Musk and between these 3 they seem to be pushing towards controling the food markets In the future. Bezos has Amazon and a food chain (whole foods?) And then musk somehow with regards to comments by himself and partner Grimes who is a Canadian musician.

Musk is pushing the neural implant? But if you look back a U.S research from years ago about mk ultra and also rumours about what went on at the montock base in the U.S about mind control programs.

This is to do with Grimes comments about labour work forces and choice rather than forced participation (neural implant)

Now with omicron and also there is a company of that name dealing with nano tech coming to light there just seems to be too many coincidences happening.

People have been worrying about chips being implanted when the should be worried about nanites being injected.

This is also with regards to the push of human a.i. integration in the future

Could half a dozen or so billionaires be in control of everything n the future? With A.I. integration making it all possible?.

This seems far fetched but when you look at everything then you can't ignore the possibility of it happening.

So if your bored then have a look I'd be interested to know what you think or find proving or disproving this matter.

Regards R

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