Seeking the Truth

God has asked UK COLUMN to denounce FREEMASONRY. They have refused..

Maybe any connection was in PLAIN SIGHT all along.


Seeking the Truth "I seriously wonder how many highly intuitive,intelligent and totally sane women and men have been labelled as crazy because they got too close to figuring someone else's bullshit" Alex Hylex. This I am saying to Alex (UK Column) and Rory. An associate of uk column nearly killed me last September, with a nasty Narcissistic attack: the clue is in my chosen handle! Caroline informed ALL at uk colum and no response was produced, let alone acknowledging receipts! And we are still waiting to know WHY Brian Gerrish accepted a Scientology award?! Words are cheap Alex&Rory .Give us some facts would you? From a friend This message has been sent to me after UK Column's defamation of myself Caroline Stephens (Alex has instructed UK Column's followers not to engage with Caroline Stephens)

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