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Block, block, block


Ok. The first thing I do is go to Facebook and tap the 3 horizontal bars. Then scroll all the way down until you see SETTINGS AND PRIVACY. Then tap SETTINGS. Scroll down until you see BLOCKING. Tap that. Then tap the blue square. Then type in an appropriate word or phrase. Here are some examples (and you can make up your own as well):

Also --- go to the Facebook main page. Tap the magnifying glass. There are several Fact checking groups and organizations. Here are some of the most fruitful ones. If you just stayed on these, they would keep you busy until the beginning of the Great Tribulation. You can block the members or you can block the fans of the group. Just keep in mind --- everytime you block someone, you will be thrust back to the main page. Just doggedly start the process over again. It goes faster than you might think --- especially when you get the hang of it.

Fact check groups:

Science Feed Back

Facebook Community Fact Checker

Demand a Fact Checked Facebook

Bill Gates Mark Zuckerberg Spy bot I am watching you Troller Spy boy Spy boi Spy Spy girl Spy man Watcher I see you I see u I c u I see ya Troll bot Checking Checker Checking bot Checking on you Checking you Fact checking Check facts Facts Bot checking Checking you out Check your facts Facebook fact checker Fact book Fact checkers Checker bot Checker book Checker boy Checker girl Checker A-Z No fact Fact no New facts Fact news Lol. That ought to get you started. Just type something in and start blocking. Who should you block? Don't worry. It'll be obvious.

Now get out there and block, block, block.😄

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