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Smoke in NYC, Diablo IV, Alleged Wild Fires in Canada and Looming Climate Lockdowns By Joachim Bartoll / June 9, 2023 / Disasters, Politics / Government, Weather Modification Warfare / 1134, 666, 911, A Numbered Man, Black Knight, Blade Runner, Canada, Climate Agenda, climate change, Climate Change Hoax, Climate Hoax, Climate Lockdown, conditioning, Demonic Son, Diablo, Diablo IV, face mask, Forest Fire, Freemasonry, Freemasons, government, Hell, illusion, leet-speech, Lilith, Lockdown, Lucifer, mask, Masonic, Morningstar, New York, NYC, Ontario, pollution, Predictive Programming, Programming, Quebec, satanic, Satanic Ritual, Satanism, September 11, Smog, Smoke, Son of Sin, The Freemasons, Time of the Beast, Weather Control, Weather Warfare, Welcome to Hell, wild fires, Witchcraft / 6 minutes of reading As a continuation of the earlier train derailments and the fake toxic spill in Ohio, the last week has been filled with conditioning and training for the looming climate lockdowns as alleged wild fires broke out in Canada on June 2nd, and New York was covered in smoke on June 6 – the launch date of the highly satanic and ‘anticipated’ video game Diablo IV. As you know, there are no coincidences on the world stage. Everything is planned, scripted, and done by the numbers. And everything is covered in lies and deceit – and this is very obvious when they claim that NYC is covered in smoke from wild fires, allegedly originated from the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. Funny enough, several of my Canadian friends had not even heard about the wild fires as the smoke entered New York. And there is no real pictures or live-footage of it. Only a few reused archive photos from earlier wild- and forest fires. While there seem to be a few, it all sounds extremely exaggerated. So… First of all, smoke rises, it does not float by the ground. Second, the alleged wild fires around Ontario are more than 400 miles from NYC, and Quebec is more than 800 miles away. Also, according to friends living on the east coast, they have very rarely seen any weather patterns that would run winds from north to south like the media want you to believe. For this region of the U.S., winds and weather patterns pretty much always run south to north or west to east. As a friend wrote at our community, “We never see weather coming in east to west or north to south.” Also, wild fires have been prevalent in the last couple of years, as our governments start them to condition us with the climate agenda hoax. However, we have never been warned by any troublesome smoke from them. This seems to be a new phenomenon. So, even if the smoke from some small wild fires would be so incredible dense and compact due to pine-trees and fir, so it stayed close to the ground for 400 to 800 miles, you would need some skilled weather engineering for days on days to drive the smoke to NYC without it disperse and dissipate. And that rises the third question, if there actually was smoke approaching from fires that started on June 2nd, and would take days to travel, why were there no warnings to the public? The weather “scientists” and the military watch the sky like hawks; they would have seen that shit coming for miles and miles. Well, except for Chinese Spy Balloons, they are usually invisible until far into U.S. territory, but that’s another story. So, what exactly is this smoke in NYC? Who knows? It’s most likely man-made as an exercise and conditioning tool to fit with their ritualistic numerology, which we will get to in a bit. But whatever it is, it’s most likely not healthy. So do take care if you live in these areas. Friends told me that it really hits the throat and lungs, as several have dry coughing and some even had to seek medical attention. And it would not surprise me if many people will become sickly after this. Another excuse and cog within the machinery of the climate change agenda and environment pollution used as conditioning and programming for staying indoors and mask up. Actually, Governor Kathy Hochul just announced, on late June 8, that one million N95 masks will be made available at state facilities. So, smoke like this that we now see in NYC is not from wild fires, pollution, or any other climate propaganda. The smoke is most likely made by your own government and blamed on this agenda. And even if some of it is from wild fires, those fires were started by your government and the weather pattern to bring smoke to NYC were engineered. However, my money is on the fact that all of it was man-made and released as a ritual by the numbers. And the alleged wild fires, that no-one has really seen are used as a cover and as a conditioning and programming tool for the climate hoax. And we have been programmed for this for a long time through movies and TV-series. In 2017 we had the sequel to Blade Runner called Blade Runner 2049, a futuristic saga of transhumanism in a city so heavily polluted it has an eerie orange glow. Sounds Familiar? Then, only a few months ago, we had the South Korean dystopian tv-series Black Knight showing us a polluted future where survivors had to depend on elite delivery drivers to supply them with goods and oxygen.

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