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Your human rights are only given on this planet by the fallen angels.....who want your soul... Feb 3


On the 14 December 2021, the Deputy Prime Minister, Lord Chancellor and the Secretary of State for Justice by command of Her Majesty, presented to Parliament, a consultation document to reform the Human Rights Act 1998 and replace with a modern Bill of Rights!

This consultation seeks views on the government’s proposals to revise the Human Rights Act and replace it with a Bill of Rights, in order to restore a proper balance between the rights of individuals, personal responsibility and the wider public interest.

If the Human Rights Act is replaced by a Bill of Rights, the Bill of Rights will specifically

1. Provide greater clarity regarding the interpretation of certain rights, such as the right to respect for private and family life, by guiding the UK courts in interpreting the rights and balancing them with the interests of our society as a whole; meaning

Your qualified Human Rights (Arts 8 to 11), by guiding the Courts to interpret your rights and favour balancing them in the interests of our society, meaning the State will be justified for interfering with your qualified rights in the interests of society

2. Implement a permission stage, similar, but not identical, to those in other branches of law, to ensure that spurious cases do not undermine public confidence in human rights; meaning

A permission stage for the Courts to strike out valid Claims for Human Rights Breaches will be implemented

3. Strengthen the courts’

discretion when granting remedies for human rights breaches; may mean

The Courts will have greater discretion to refuse the granting of remedies for human rights breaches

4. Restrain the ability of the UK courts to use human rights law to impose ‘positive obligations’ onto our public authorities without proper democratic oversight; meaning

The Courts will no longer impose positive obligations upon Public Authorities for acting incompatibly with Human Rights

5. Make sure that the UK courts are not required to alter or interpret legislation contrary to Parliament’s clearly expressed democratic will; meaning

The Courts will no longer be able to make Declarations of Incompatibility, where a provision of legislation is incompatible with a Human Right, and will not be able to overturn Regulations made by Minsters that are incompatible with Human Rights

6. Provide more certainty for public authorities to discharge the functions Parliament has given them, without the fear that this will expose them to costly human rights litigation; meaning

Public Authorities will prioritise discharging their legislative functions over their Human Rights duties

7. Enact a process, centred on Parliament, for assessing the implications of judgments from the Strasbourg Court for the UK, including providing a ‘democratic shield’ preserving Parliamentary sovereignty in the exercise of the legislative function; meaning

Parliament Sovereignty will be shielded to ensure legislation prevails over Judgements from the European Court of Human Rights

In the Name of Liberty and Justice, I duly plead with everyone that respects and values Human Rights, to act with integrity and respond to the online survey, by expressing your non-consent with the proposals to reform our Human Rights Act and replace with a Bill of Rights, and let's unite with love, teamwork and in righteousness, to defeat these draconian Human Rights Reforms by showing the Government that people power works, for the greater good of all Human beings !

I therefore propose to provide a simple and effective solution to help every one of you, answer each question within the online survey adequately!

I, Full Name, am governed by consent. I, therefore, do not consent to HM Government reforming our Human Rights Act and replacing with a Bill of Rights!

This consultation is open until the 8th of March 2022, and the consultation document and give us your views - online survey, is available below by clicking on the link--------


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