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Veterans/ Removal of Children

Bob (United States of America Veterans)

Dear Bob,

Worshipful Brother His Honour Judge Simon Oliver and Master Bancroft-Rimmer, Civil Court of Appeal

It is not I that am a Hero, it is the mothers that have contacted me. Including those that have encountered Worshipful Brother His Honour Judge Simon Oliver

Some of these mothers have lost their homes, their children, their assets. Others had to leave the United Kingdom with their children and seek refuge abroad.

Still they are being pursued. Like my barrister from St Philips Chambers Birmingham, their lawyers were warned off their cases.


Lord Justice McFarlane, Mr Justice Hayden (President and Vice President of the Court of Protection)

On how many occasions has HHJ Simon Oliver sent instructions to Master Maria Bancroft-Rimmer (a judge junior to him) that appeals are refused?

Neither HHJ Simon Oliver or Master Maria Bancroft-Rimmer held a Court of Protection authorisation in February 2013.

Consultant Psychiatrist, Wing Commander, Professor Gordon Turnbull's FRCP, FRCPsych, FRGS, FRSA, Royal Air Force (Rtd)

Professor Gordon Turnbull issued three medical certificates in 2006. However they have never reached the Court of Protection!

In one Court of Protection, Medical Certificate, Professor Gordon Turnbull goes into great detail on the subject of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder arising out of

an incident in 1984 and its reactivation in 2004. The origin of the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder occurred in the Irish Sea in 1975 whilst I was in the Royal Navy.

The above Court of Protection, Medical Certificates have been view at my former homes in Devon by:

The Economic Crime (Major Fraud) Unit, Thames Valley Police

The Serious and Organised Crime Unit, Devon and Cornwall Police.

Both Police Forces failed to identify one key component missing from all Court of Protection, Medical Certificates.

Two operates from the Intelligence and Security Services visited me in North Devon, when again I became subject to bullying. One identified himself as a Freemason.

In less than 30 seconds they identified that there was no court seals on any of my Court of Protection Medical Certificates. How did the police fail to notice this?

In 2013 I was under intense bullying by the Department of Works and Pensions, Revenue and Customs and other agencies/services, including the police.

Those responsible have been now traced and identified. Again, operates from the Intelligence and Security Services had intervened. They were at my home

when Chief Inspector 16305 Devon and Cornwall Police telephoned me and advised the entry on the Police Log was FALSE.

Someone at the very top of the Department of Works and Pensions, was determined to drive me to suicide. They failed thanks to a Royal Navy PTSD specialist.

Susanna McGibbon, Treasury Solicitor, HM Procurator General and Permanent Secretary, Government Legal Department, could assist in this matter, in her

capacity as Director General (Legal) Department of Works and Pensions. !

Thames Valley Police

Thames Valley Police made the following request to Devon and Cornwall Police that I be visited. I had been left by the Department of Works and

Pensions without money to buy food and fine over £8000 with no rights of appeal.

Email: Thames Valley Police to Devon and Cornwall Police Disclosure of the information contained herein is strictly prohibited Entry 11/6/2013 at 21:05:49 Devon and Cornwall Police This is all connected with a case where a large number of airline pilots received brain damage from the ingress of organophosphates into aircraft cabins. Mr. Lawrence is such a victim and has received brain damage. ​11/06/2013 21:11:53 MOE66 – SPOKEN WITH DTR ADVISED FOR ROUTING AND ATTENDANCE AS PER THAMES VALLEY ADVICE 12/06/2013 11:27;04 JN20L – LIAISED WITH PC PACK WHO ATTENDED AND SPOKE TO MR LAWRENCE. 12/06/2013 11:19:24 F/JN32E – I HAVE EMAILED TVP WITH HIS ACCOUNT AFTER SPEAKING TO THE MALE AT LENGTH 12/06/2013 11:19:24 (PC 2631 Emma Pack, now Sgt Emma Storey-Barrett, Devon and Cornwall Police).

Bob, the above was later reviewed by Detective Superintendent Claire Armes, who had also severed as Director of intelligence, Devon and Cornwall Police.

Detective Superintendent Claire Armes, identifies that she has experience in safeguarding and vulnerability.

What Detective Superintendent Claire Armes omitted to inform either Thames Valley Police and myself was that my complaint against PC 2631 Emma Pack,

now Sgt Emma Storey-Barrett, had been upheld by the Professional Standards Department, Devon and Cornwall Police. Police ID 52180, 56565, 13554 and

Chief Inspector 16305. A false entry had been place on the Police Log. The email PC 2631 Emma Pack, now Sgt Emma Storey-Barrett, alleges that she sent

to Thames Valley Police on or about the 12/6/2013 has never been found.

Let us continual. Detective Superintendent Claire Armes sent me a letter, however accompanying her letter was a police file unrelated to my case, detailing

the names of Eastern Europeans and a Mr. Miles. The file also contained the names and details of the detectives investigating this specific case. Devon and

Cornwall Police later advised me that they believe my files containing Court of Protection, Medical Certificates, were posted to either the Eastern Europeans

or Mr. Miles.

Later another police force identified offences of: Fraud Perjury and other more serious offences against me, following the hearing with WBro HHJ Simon Oliver.

There appears to be no record of the visit to my home by the Senior Investigator, Serious and Organised Crime Unit, Devon and Cornwall Police and one other


What became of Detective Superintendent Claire Armes, Director of intelligence, Devon and Cornwall Police?

See below:

Chief Superintendent Claire Armes, Head of Operation Support with Avon and Somerset Police.


Chief Superintendent Claire Armes as a former Director of intelligence, experience in safeguarding and vulnerability, at Devon and Cornwall Police, where

is the email below:


Bob, once again, many thanks to you and others for assistance.

Leonard Lawrence

Ex Royal Navy serviceman, evicted onto the streets of Buckinghamshire by Reading & Slough County Court, whilst identified as a extremely vulnerable adult, and a patient subject to the Court of Protection.

Thames Valley Police 15 Feb 2018 - UK News | Published: Feb 15, 2018 ... Police are failing to record thousands of reported crimes including rape and violence, a watchdog has warned. ... The assessment of Thames Valley found that nearly one in five offences (19.6%) are not being properly recorded, which equates to approximately 35,200.

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