Vaccination Letter from an MP in November 2020

Dear Ms. B…

Thank you for your recent correspondence regarding a vaccination for Covid – 19.

It is important to note that the powers granted to the Government under the Coronavirus Act 2020 are made under and subject to the restrictions of the control of Disease Act 1984. Under the 1984 Act, Ministers have the power to make regulations which prevent danger to public health and prevent the spread of infection, but these regulations do not include mandatory treatment or vaccination.

Instead, the Coronavirus Act 2020, a time limited emergency act, is designed to significantly enhance our ability to respond effectively. The Act will increase the available health and social care workforce, ease the burden on frontline staff, contain and slow the spread of Covid 19 by reducing unnecessary social contacts, help manage the deceased with dignity and respect, and support individuals financially and with access to basic provisions. In short, if the government wished, to make a vaccination compulsory, it would need to pass new legislation to do so and cannot use the existing Acts.

At no point has the government said it will do this however, there is absolutely no reason for anyone not to receive the vaccine (once it has passed the rigorous safety trials to which it is currently being subjected) and I would urge everyone to have it, however healthy they may be.

My personal opinion is that the vaccination should not be made compulsory, and also it is very hard to see how any government could make it so.

With best wishes

Adam Holloway

Let me just remind everyone that Common Purpose on 7th May, 2020 had stated that people were knowingly wrongly given the wrong flu jab across the UK in winter 2019 following event 201. Following this, the rhetoric of covid 19 was spun as a virus which could attack immune systems. In actual fact, covid 19 deaths were being caused by external issues such as weak immune systems.

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