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Surprise! Trump was a Deep Stater all the time - Part 1

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Susan Bradford

The American people placed great hope in Donald J. Trump, expecting

him to lead them to the promised land, to wrestle the United States

out of the grips of an international crime syndicate that was

stripping people of their freedoms, rights, and assets.

What they failed to realize is that Trump had been groomed for the

Presidency decades ago to serve as an populist candidate indebted, and

ultimately controlled, by the Rothschilds, the dynasty bankrolling and

driving a New World Order, with Communist China as global hegemon, a

world government seated in Israel. and power concentrated around the

Vatican and City of London.

Trump ceased being his own man in 1987 when he acquired a 93 percent

stake in Resorts International, a casino whose principal investors

were Tibor Rosenbaum, David Rockefeller, and Baron Edmond de

Rothschild. Once indebted to the international criminal elite, he was

essentially owned by them.

While the Rothschild and Rockefeller dynasties were driving globalism

around the world, Rosenbaum cultivated the Mossad and partnered with

organized crime figures like Meyer Lansky, who co-founded the National

Crime Syndicate in New Jersey and invested in casinos that Trump


As an intelligence asset and shame merchant, Lansky compromised

political leaders, judges, and other influential people by way of

blackmail on behalf of a shadow elite.

Wherever they went, people were bought and paid for, eliminated, or

otherwise compromised, as aspiring dictators surrounding the Vatican

sought to corral the world's wealth, power, and markets within their

own hands. As their influence spread throughout the nation, the

government, and its institutions, so did crime.

Shame was a powerful weapon that Trump himself used against rivals.

He shamed people based upon their looks or other superficial

qualities. Other times, he directed his underlings to dig up dirt on

people while those associated with him weaponized the government on

behalf of private special interests.

Before connecting to Jeffrey Epstein, a Mossad asset and pedophile

who allegedly procured children for the British Royal family and other

elites, Trump retained Lansky's protege, Roy Cohn, as counsel.

A shame merchant and compromise agent in his own right, Cohn invited

influential marks to orgies and then took pictures of them for safe


As Trump struggled to make payments on casinos, his bankers attempted

to offload him until Wilbur Ross intervened. A leading bankruptcy

advisor for the Rothschilds, Ross appreciated that Trump's greatest

asset was his brand as a “successful businessman,” and so he

negotiated better loan terms while allowing his client to serve as a

figure head who embodied the American dream.

“While the name Trump appeared in the headlines, the names of the

real movers behind Resorts International remained hidden from public

view,” Michael Collins wrote in The New Jerusalem. Theses figures

were leading drivers and beneficiaries of globalism who operated in

the shadows, beyond the reach of the law.

While Trump was struggling in the casino business, the banks were

illegally foreclosing on properties to seize the assets.

In 1988, a class action involving illegal bank foreclosure on farms

stumbled upon the criminal actions of the shadow forces subverting the

nation, which involved establishing illegitimate government and

fraudulent banking systems, revelations that became the basis of

National Economic Security & Reformation Act (NESARA) – legislation,

now under court seal, aimed at restoring integrity and legitimacy to

governments and financial institutions within the United States, while

unleashing trillions of dollars in prosperity funds to the people

which had been misappropriated.

With growing awareness of the color-of-law institutions and fraud

against the people, elites were panicking.

Royal biographer Joseph Gregory Hallett said that in 1988, the

“esoteric CIA,” which is responsible for fulfilling Biblical

prophecy, arranged a meeting between him and Trump to brief them on

how they would restore virtue and integrity to governments worldwide.

Hallett was to be King and Messiah while Trump was President, with

both trained for the roles they would play on the world stage.

Together they would preside over the fall of the House of Windsor,

the Vatican, and the “illegitimate” government in Israel, which,

Hallett said, was governed under a Rothschild knesset, instead of a

Jewish temple, as required by the terms of its establishment.

The fall of the House of Windsor and exposure of Rothschild's

color-of-law governments would take place when Trump was President

and be credited to him since they coincided with the expiration of

the Rothschild's 200-year contract with the Crown.

Esoteric or not, the CIA was an extension of a global intelligence

apparatus through which the Vatican and Rothschilds were advancing an

agenda for a New World Order. In the midsts of apparent reform to the

corrupt global system, elites would be driving the global agenda while

unleashing sophisticated psychological operations against the people,

the likes of which this country has never before seen.

Once he was sworn in as President,the people thought that the Deep

State had been defeated, that the corrupt Bush, Obama, and Clinton

political dynasties had been swept aside.

This is clearly what the shadow elites wanted the public to believe.

Disinformation targeted the people from all directions as desperate

elites sought to consolidate their position under the fog of war.

Trump's supporters werecalled upon to suspend all critical thinking

and enjoy the show. “It’s all pantomime,” Trump’s

self-appointed mouth pieces in the alternative media told hopeful


If patriots were truly in control, why not just bring forth the truth

in an honest, forthright manner, with supporting evidence? Why was so

much obfuscation and disassembling even necessary?

The excuse given by Trump’s self-appointed mouth pieces was that

the American people were not ready for the truth and would have to be

led towards it, as a horse to water, through blatant disinformation

and cognitive dissonance.

The implied message was that one should not trust one’s own eyes,

the facts, common sense, or even one’s own research, but “trust

the plan” of shadowy figures in the alternative media who professed

inside knowledge that no one could independently verify.

Trump’s diehard supporters liked to say that the President was

playing 5-D chess. His moves were so advanced, brilliant, and nuanced

that no one, but a select few, could determine what they really were.

Disinformation, or lying to the public, was an important part in

keeping the “Deep State” off balance, his supporters were told.

The reality was, transparency, truth, and exposure backed by an

Administration whose actions matched its rhetoric, would have packed a

powerful knock-out punch against the treasonous elites.

However, as Judge Anna Von Reitz observed:the grassroots patriot

movement was an extension of the Bush political machine. “I know all

the people” who bankroll the freedom movement and patriot tours,”

she wrote. “I know how they operate. These are the same ones who

have been going around the country for decades

selling people Freedom

Packages for $6,000 a pop, that don’t work. These are the people that

will sit around at a cocktail party and talk out of both sides of

their mouths until you get dizzy.”

The highly publicized national patriot tours, which amounted to

little more than cheer leading sessions bereft of any real substance,

solutions, or tools for patriots to reform and reclaim their

governments from the hands of criminals, were just “theatre

productions,” she said. “Just be aware that there is a hidden

Svengali in the weeds (and) that once again, you are watching a


Cognitive dissonance is what many were experiencing. The disconnect

dissipates once it’s understood that Trump was an extension of the

Bush political machine.

A former director of the CIA, Bush was a member of Skull & Bones, a

secret society at Yale University that created and funded the

Communist Chinese revolution and groomed Mao Tse-tung.

During the Nixon Administration, Secretary of State Henry Kissinger,

who owed his allegiance to the Rothschilds and City of London, led

efforts to normalize relations with Communist China, with Bush

assisting – an agenda delayed by the Watergate scandal, which New

York Det. “Jimmy Boots” Rothstein said was really about recovering

a book containing lists of influential pedophiles.

While working for Nixon, Kissinger remained in constant contact with

Victor Rothschild, an MI5 disinformation agent and advisor to British

Prime MinisterEdward Heath, a pedophile whose crimes were “covered

up by the establishment.”

The Washington Timeswent on to document a pedophile network

implicating influential people surrounding Bush, who directed the CIA

and enlisted Lansky to train assassination squads for use against the

Cuban government.

Bush’s father, Prescott Bush, worked for Averill Harriman, who

established and bankrolled Skull & Bones. “The Harriman clique took

possession of the U.S. Security apparatus, and let the Bush family

in,” Webster Tarpley and Anton Chaitki wrote in George Bush: The

Unauthorized Biography.

Bush’s secret command center in Florida was Jupiter Island, the

location of the Trump National Golf Club. Not only that, but Lara and

Eric Trump bought a home there as did Les Wexner, the Victoria’s

Secret mogul implicated in to the Epstein pedophile network.

Trump’s exclusive Mar-a-lago club is five miles away from Jupiter


If there is a secret White House in Florida, the Bush political

machine is running it.

The secret behind the Victoria’s Secretlingerie line was that Queen

Victoria, for whom the line was named, retained the legitimate British

blood line while producing a brood of illegitimate Rothschild heirs

who were bred into Royal families throughout Europe after crashing the

Rothschilds crashed the British stock market in 1815.

It was through bloodlines, interbreeding, and secret genetics

programs that the international crime syndicate was able to weasel its

way into positions of power.

Jupiter Island was the command central for the Bush political machine

which was blocking NESARA and desperately trying to launch the New

World Order.

In 1991, a newspaper reported that Jupiter was “an astonishingly

private club (where properties were) only sold to those who fit in.”

The security and surveillance on the island were the best the Deep

State had to offer as Harriman made Jupiter his “staging ground for

his 1940 takeover of the U.S. National Security apparatus.” It has

been described as “a powerful center for the covert management of

the federal government and an incubator for psychological warfare

operations to ensure “a stable worldwide environment favorable to

(the City of London’s) financial and political interests.”

Harriman and Bush were leading proponents of eugenics and mass


With funding from Harriman, the American Eugenics Society was

established and headquartered at Yale University, where Prescott Bush,

as trustee, promoted the sterilization and psychological programming

of “unfit, unnecessary people.”

If this mindset evokes memories of the Nazis, that is because

Harriman sponsored the eugenics movement to sterilize

“undesirables” before the Nazis employed this tactic against Jews

and gypsies.

In 1969, George H.W. Bush told the House of Representatives that

“unless the menace of human population growth were recognized and

made manageable, starvation, pestilence, and war will solve it for


Part 2 can be found on

Pillaging on Track, Susan's website is:

(c) 2022 Susan Bradford

All Rights Reserved

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