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Surprise! Trump was a Deep Stater all the time Part 2

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Susan Bradford

The cornerstone of Bush’s New World Order was population reduction.

Bush even promoted vaccines as a method for birth control. “We have

a clear precedent,” he said. “When the Salk vaccine was

discovered, large scale programs were undertaken to distribute it. I

see no reason why similar programs of education and family planning

assistance should not be instituted in the United States on a massive


Perhaps the developments that unfolded during the Trump presidency

make more sense when understood within the context of the Bush

intelligence and security apparatus managing it.

Trump was a friend of Jeffrey Epstein who, along with his family

members, were featured prominently and frequently in the pedophile's

little black book. Trump was himself allegedly accused of abusing

underage girls with Epstein, according to court documents.

His treatment of his attorney general, Jeff Sessons, reflects efforts

to protect pedophiles over children victimized by them. Once Sessions

appointed Geoffrey Berman U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of

New York, prosecutors unsealed the Epstein case in the Manhattan

federal court.

Once the information was revealed, Alan Dershowitz, a lawyer for

Trump and Epstein and close personal friend to Lynn Forester de

Rothschild, claimed credit for unsealing the case. “There are no new

accusations against me (with regards to my engagements with Epstein)

in the documents I got unsealed,” Dershowitz tweeted.

At the same time, alt-right figure Mike Cernovich claimed that hewas

the one who had unsealed the documents. With no mention of the New

York attorney or credit given to Sessions, Cernovich wrote: “Over

2,000 previously sealed documents in a case involving Jeffrey Epstein

are now available. The documents were sealed under court order until

Mike Cernovich of Cerno Media filed a motion to unseal the documents.

The Miami Herald soon joined his lawsuit, and the Second Circuit Court

of Appeals ordered the records unsealed. You can support our

journalism directly here.”

While these two were kicking up dust over their alleged role in

unsealing the Epstein papers, Trump forced Session’s resignation.

Sessions was promptly replaced with William Barr, who had worked for

Kirkland & Ellis, the firm which negotiated the pedophile’s

sweetheart deal – with U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of

Florida, Alexander Acosta, whom Trump tapped for Secretary of Labor.

When asked during confirmation hearings whether he would undergo a

“full and thorough” investigation into the Justice Department’s

handling of the Epstein case, Barr recused himself and fired Berman.

When Sessions attempted to regain his Senate seat in Alabama, Trump

actively campaigned against him and backed the Senator’s challenger,

Tommy Tuberville. “Three years ago, after Jeff Sessions recused himself, the fraudulent Mueller scam began,” Trump tweeted. “Alabama, do not trust Jeff Sessions. He let our Country down.” Far from letting the country down, Sessions was a national hero for his role in helping to bring Epstein's crimes to light! If Trump were truly taking down the Deep State, he would have supporting him too. Epstein worked for Deutsche Bank, where Lynn de Forester Rothschild served as advisor and board member. The bank, in turn, had a decades-long relationship with the Trump Organization. Rather than looking to politicians for answers, the people must find the courage and resolve within themselves. If we stand together as a united people against the encroaching tyranny, we can reclaim our country, its culture, and its institutions. There are only a few individuals and firms against the many. Awakened and empowered, with virtue intact, the people will be unstoppable. If God is with us, who can be against us and prevail? Susan Bradford is the author of The End of Globalism: How the Rothschilds Used Donald Trump as a Trojan Horse to Deceive Patriots; Perpetuate Color-of-Law Governments and Central Banks; and Rig Elections to Keep the Failing Plan for World Tyranny and Global Pillaging on Track, Susan's website is: (c) 2022 Susan Bradford All Rights Reserved

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