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Rt. Hon. Sir Andrew McFarlane - seeking submissions

From: xxxxxx

  1. To: The President of the Family Division

  2. Sent: Tuesday, 18 February, 2020 01:36:18


  4. President of the Family Division

  5. Royal Courts of Justice

  6. Strand

  7. London WC2A 2LL


  9. Dear Sir Andrew,

  10. Re: Pilot Leonard Lawrence and the Official Solicitor to the Senior Courts

  11. I was delighted to read the following article and learn that you  are seeking submissions with regard

  12. to the transparency and oversight of  the Family Courts.  Please accept this communication and the

  13. attachments  as my submission.


  15. In one particular case that I am conversant with, full documentation, including a complete court file

  16. handled (with its existence denied) by Judge Simon Oliver, and  the complete documentation regarding

  17. what definitely appears to be a  joint criminal enterprise operated by the Official Solicitor, his staff,

  18. government and private lawyers, medical practitioners,  and police, can be made available for you to

  19. examine as part of your  review. In addition, I am confident that the victim and his team  that includes

  20. retired Special Branch officers and others, will also make  themselves available for comment.

  21. While under the unlawfully obtained jurisdiction  of the Official Solicitor, this man was kept artificially

  22. comatose with  drugs for approximately 18 months, during which time he was   systematically  asset

  23. stripped of his estate, which was well in excess of one million  pounds. This man, now disabled with a

  24. brain injury caused by  organophosphate poisoning as a result of his employment as a commercial

  25. airline pilot, was subsequently made homeless by the  Official Solicitor and discarded without any

  26. income, shelter, or means  to feed himself.

  27. Without any concern or safeguarding, the Official  Solicitor had allowed him to be unlawfully thrown

  28. into the streets as a  destitute, and he was wrongfully accused of fraud  by two authorities in the UK,

  29. BUT was made privy to the fact that all of his troubles were orchestrated with criminal intent by a

  30. government lawyer at a very senior level. He was given the name of the lawyer by a senior Metropolitan

  31. Police officer, off the record, so there is no doubt as to who  did this to him. The Metropolitan Police

  32. declined to be dictated to by this government lawyer.

  33. The victim is a Royal Navy veteran who also served the Royal  Family, Margaret Thatcher, and other

  34. dignitaries as a trusted jet  aircraft pilot - obviously with very high security clearance.  Furthermore,

  35. the house he was living in was the subject of a 'mysterious  fire' afterwards a chimney sweep  was

  36. asked by persons in authority to make a fraudulent report about the  cause of the fire, which he refused

  37. to do. Fortunately, the subject was  not killed, although the fire was deliberately  set.

  38. The Queen's Private Secretary and Her Majesty's representative in  parliament, The Rt. Hon. Rees-Mogg,

  39. are both copied into this  communication. I am sure that Her Majesty will be dismayed and sickened

  40. to hear this has happened and will no doubt expect wrongs to be righted both  for this man, Leonard

  41. Lawrence, and for the others.  She may believe, as  many do, that parliament should be taking a

  42. stronger role in ensuring  that the Rule of Law is restored in the UK.

  43. The Judicial Complaints system does not work because no man can judge in his own cause. I have only

  44. ever heard of one corrupt British judge being sent to prison, and she  was both black and a woman.

  45. I think that speaks volumes in itself Sir Andrew McFarlane is undertaking a review of transparency in

  46. the family courts, but it must provide the correct balance between protecting privacy and promoting

  47. openness.


  49. News focus: Family justice seen to be done

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