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Post Office -9th February 2022

Subject: EA/0227/2019 Dr Kirkham/Dransfield v ICO

Dear Judge Rintoul I have taken the liberty in sending you a Post Office Vexatious Decision Notice dated 12/4/21. The reason why I am sending you this DN is because the Post Office Fraud has already been listed as the worst example of Perverting the Course of Justice in English Law History. The PO have relied up the Dransfield Vexatious Court Precedent to hide the Heinous Crimes of white Collar workers and Senior Government Officials, whom, have perpetrated this crime . The POST OFFICE case and the following DN is a perfect example of egregious conduct,maladministration. You may claim the Post Office Fraud is not under your remit but I am sure any fair minded person will agree with me the Dransfield Vexatious Hogwash Court Precedent is Nefarious, at best and evil at worst. There is prima facie evidence the former FTT Precedent Judge McKenna acted in concert with the ICO to pervert the course of justice. In my view you must consider this Post Office vexatious decision which will allow you to make a proportionate decision on the subject title. With thanks Yours sincerely Alan M Dransfield

15th March 2022 Good Morning Mr Dransfield

“Your email of 19 February 2022 has been forwarded to Judge Rintoul who has asked me to respond as follows.

The Post Office Vexatious Notice will not be taken into account in the matter before me, EA/0227/2019 as it is not relevant to the matters in issue. The allegation that Judge McKenna or the ICO has acted to pervert the course of justice is wholly unwarranted and unsupported by relevant evidence.

Kind Regards

Mrs Yvonne Lowe

Administrative Team

General Regulatory Chamber Tribunals/

HMCTS/Arnhem House/

Leicester /LE1 6LR

Phone: 0203 9368 963

16th March 2022

GRC Tribunals

Dear Sirs

I was merely highlighting the egregious conduct of the ICO and HMCT Judges . You claim my allegations against the ICO and HMCTS are unwarranted and unsupported. You would say that wouldn't you. There are 25 K+ ICO decisions which have been based on the Dransfield Vexatious Hogwash which support my claims. You go on to claim Judge Allison Mckenna is faultless.Judge Mckkena is a bigger fraudster than Judge Wikeley, time will absolve my allegations against HM Crooks. To my knowledge and experience there is only one Honest Judge at the UT at that is Judge Jacobs.

Notwithstanding my veracity of allegations of fraud, egregious conduct and maladministration etc the gravity of my assertions behooves HMCTS to hold a full inquiry, ideally under Judge Jacobs.

I am currently putting a claIm together for a private prosecution and Mandamus Writ.

With thanks

Yours sincerely

Alan M Dransfield

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