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Masks - 1.12.21

Dear Mr Simon Roberts, Chief Executive.

I regret to inform you that I have lately been forced to reconsider my position with companies like Argos who insist on spreading unnecessary Government fear propaganda such as yours in our inboxes and in your stores.

I will therefore be withdrawing my business from your stores because I am made to feel unwelcome by your Orwellian Government practices having no place in a free retail society. May I remind you that Public Health England downgraded Covid 19 from HCID status on 19thMarch 2019that is fact not opinion. Furthermore face masks cause harm especially to children that is medical and psychological fact not my opinion.

I am covered by the 2010 Equalities act that gives me a medical exemption so I do not need to explain myself to anybody in your stores not even a police man and In all of the UK nations, you are exempt from wearing a face covering if it causes you distress. However your stores challenge us at the entrance and throughout the store. I have been challenged before and this is illegal because you and your stores contravene the 2010 Equalities act even when you place signage demanding a mask. You are then liable to a fine of up to £5000.00 section 112 for an act of disability discrimination and compensation of up to £9000.00 section 119 remedies of the Equalities Act.

For you interest I highly recommend that you study the Governments own official figures from the PHE NOIDS (NOTIFICATIONS OF INFECTIOUS DISEASES) reports compiled weekly for 2021 since the beginning of the Covid fraud. Go to page 14 table 2 and you will see that throughout the Nation we had in week 46 only 13 reported cases not the inflated thousand of cases reported in the media. By law GP's must report even suspected cases within three days and yet they found only 13 in week 46 throughout the country but of course they don't sell cartoons like the Daily Mail.

Yours sincerely

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