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The Shocking Story on How the Political Establishment Manufactured a Scandal to Have Republican

Superlobbyist Jack Abramoff Removed from Power

by Susan Bradford


BA in English from UC Irvine and an MA in International Relation from the University of Essex

Intern for CBS-TV News

News writer for KNX (CBS)

Production assistant, PBS Red Car Film Project

Founding Editor and foreign correspondent, European Review

Senior Research Fellow, Atlantic Council of the UK

Speech writer, UK Shadow Foreign Secretary Michael Howard

Speech writer, Korean Ambassador Sung Chul Yang

Producer, Fox News Channel

Assignments Editor, Voice of America



Global government to manage the world and its resources.

Corporate fascism achieved through Marxism, perpetual revolution, endless virtue signaling and

war to reorganize society so that the few can control the many.

To consolidate the world’s wealth, natural resources under Vatican/Rothschild control.

To track and trace every person on Earth and limit the consumption of individuals to maximize

corporate profits and efficiency (Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars).

Agenda launched after World War II:

Elevate Communist China to leader of the New World Order.

Reduce the United States to a bankrupt, welfare state.

Indian Tribes Support Globalism

Standard Oil founder John D. Rockefeller mapped out the nation’s natural resources and then

established federally recognized tribes:

To corral the nation’s land, oil, mineral rights, natural resources under Rothschild/Vatican control,

with Tribal Councils serving as middlemen between energy companies and the federal government.

To establish tax-exempt, taxpayer-supported businesses to maximize profits and redistribute wealth

from the people to the monopolists.

To project social democracy and Communism into the United States.

To finance the M&A divisions of major investment banks, capitalize Big Business, and tap public

funds for private use.

To conduct business beyond the purview of the federal government and the law.

To create cottage industries around entitlements and government contracting, promoting both welfare

and corporate welfare.

How Corporate America Weaponizes the Government Through Scandal

Goal of (Manufactured) Scandals:

To deflect attention (and the law) away from predatory, anti-competitive activity and establish market


Characteristics of (Manufactured) Scandals:

High profile media campaigns that scapegoat rivals, with lobbyists managing the public relations,

“witnesses,” and government responses to the scandal.

Prewritten narratives, privately influenced public officials, politically motivated witnesses, and

predetermined outcomes.

Collaborators are rewarded.

Case in Point: Lewinsky Scandal

Used to protect President Bill Clinton from charges of treason


The Clinton presidential campaign was bankrolled by Communist China, with the

Clintons giving the Chinese access to sensitive trade missions and U.S. military technology

that compromised national security.

President Bill Clinton faced charges of treason – while also engaging in improper

relationship with an intern. (Monica Lewinsky.)

Attorney General Janet Reno allowed the Clintons to define the terms of the impeachment.

Clinton chose the less serious charge of an improper relationship with an intern over

charges of treason, keeping a private agenda on track – that of tapping the vast,

unregulated markets of Communist China on behalf of corporate America which

bankrolled political campaigns.

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