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Len and the judiciary continued

Lieutenant Colonel Mark Shelford, Police and Crime Commissioner, Avon and Somerset Police Legal Services, ​Avon, and Somerset Police Governers, Avon Somerset NHS Foundation Trust bcc Dear Lt. Col. Shelford, Re: Worlds First 'Real-Time' Poisonous Compound Air Sensor Protects Pilots, Aircrew, Passengers and Ground Staff,​ but gives an 'Aerotoxic' Headache to Airlines and Aircraft Operators/ Pressat 18/04/2022 CHICAGO, Ill. (WTVO) — Boeing has agreed to a settlement which will keep much of alleged air quality issues on board its airplanes, “out” of the public eye. Lawsuits brought by flight attendants and others allege that the system Boeing uses on all of its commercial jets, expect the 787 Dreamliner, can bring toxic fumes into the cabin. Avon and Somerset Police Would the above help to partly explain why I was being subjected to intense psychological bullying by Avon and Somerset Police at Bridgewater Police Station, alleging that I threaten an anthrax attack, and around 14 other false allegations. My arrest occurred shortly after a unknown source posted to me Government Legal Services emails for the period 2004 to 2006, during this period I had been drugged until I lost mental capacity. Held under Part V11 the Mental Health Act 1983, abused, silenced and for over a year held in a comatose state by solicitor Helen CLIFT, Government Legal Services. It is also now known that my former employer British Aerospace, Civil Aircraft Division, had made a secret out of court settlement regarding Toxic Aircraft Cabin Fumes. This secret settlement was not disclosed to the United Kingdom House of Lords enquiry, andthe Australian Senate enquiry. It would be most helpful if Chief Constable Sarah Crew, Avon and Somerset Police, would now forward the Court of Protection, Medical Certificate, CP2 that she now holds, dated the 8 February 2006, to Lord Justice Andrew McFarlane with an explanation by Chief Superintendent Claire Armes as to the delay in disclosing this certificate to the Court of Protection. My former employer British Aerospace PLC, secret out of court settlement on Toxic Cabin Air can then be revisited in the United Kingdom. . Actioned by Avon and Somerset Police, following my arrest, I continual to be bullied by Somerset NHS Foundation Trust, OLDER PERSONS MENTAL HEALTH, to see: Psychiatrist Dr Tushar Upadhye, a Mental Health Nurse and one other for a psychiatric assessment. This bullying has extended to threatening to send a Consultant Psychiatrist and crisis team to my home! On Friday 13 May 2022 I was examined by an NHS doctor in the presence of a specialist known to the Ministry of Defence. No issues were identified with my mental health. However, concern was given to the bullying that I am being subjected to by Avon and Somerset Police, also, Registered Mental Nurse Karen M....e and others. Organophosphate Poisoning from Toxic Aircraft Cabin Fumes affects: Pilots, Cabin Crew, Passengers, and ground crews. Toxic Aircraft Cabin Fumes is a global injury requiring many specialists Unlike Avon and Somerset Police, the Medical Consultant's below do not have any issues with my mental health and medical diagnosis of Chemical Induced Nervous System Injury: Consultant Neuropsychiatrists, Consultant Neuropsychologists Consultant Neurophysiologists Consultant Psychologists Consultant Neurologists Consultant Immunologists Consultant Physicians Consultant Respiratory Physicians, Consultant Endocrinologists Consultant Dermatologists Consultant ENT Surgeons Consultant Maxillofacial Surgeons Speech Therapist Consultant Military PTSD Specialists Consultant psychologists and neuropsychologist who for over TEN YEARS formed part of a neuro rehabilitation (Aerotoxic) care package in Devon, that include home visits by specialists in neuropsychology. Neither does the psychologist that set examinations for the British Psychological ​Society have any issues with my mental health. He has recently conducted another extensive psychological test on me free of charge! Len How are you with a view to ‘present medical and homelessness issues’? Lt. Col. Shelford, would you like to attend the above presentation. I plan to talk about the appalling failure in the duty of care by some (Not all) at the more senior levels within Avon and Somerset Police who since 2013 have failed to recover and disclose to the Court of Protection my and others protected status. Yours respectfully, Leonard Lawrence Pilot Veteran Royal Navy ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sent: 12 May 2022 To: Len.Lawrence Subject: Worlds First 'Real-Time' Poisonous Compound Cabin Air Sensor Protects Pilots & Aircrew, but gives an 'Aerotoxic' Headache to Airlines and Aircraft Operators | Pressat Regards

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