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Good morning Hugo

Thankyou for your latest email where you show me an image of myself on Charlie Ward's Show. I Charlie Ward has UPLOADED MY 'flying solo' video about 2 Common Purpose meetings where I am sat around my kitchen table. He is responsible for his site allowing this to happen. I never gave him permission to do this. Let me REITERATE. I have NEVER EVER corresponded/ spoken/ been in contact / responded to / with Charlie Ward and I have NEVER been on his show. NEVER EVER. If he wants to photoshop my work and pass it off as his own (if that is what you are saying?) then you need to 'out' him as well as UK Column in your next video. After all, Ward is connected to Sacha UN Stone of ITtribunalNJ and this Tribunal is DIRECTLY CONNECTED to UK Column at the very least due to the DIRECT INVOLVEMENT of Justin Walker. So to recap you have outed Sacha UN Stone AND Dan Astin-Gregory last week AND BOTH are connected to UK Column. UK Column in turn have promoted YOU during 2 shows earlier this year 2022. For your research (next video?), you may not be aware that UK Column have been sent the following video asking them to DENOUNCE freemasonry (they have confirmed receipt and indeed have commented about Paul the speaker) but they have refused to do so thus far. I await the aforementioned video of you 'outing' UK Column and incidentally can you ask the following questions: 1. 'What do UK Column do with the personal information they receive from vulnerable people, say in the Highlands of Scotland, where freemasonry is prevalent in the police force......?' 2. 'Why has UK Column changed their details including their NAME in 2020?' Nobody seemed to be aware until I raised the matter. 3. 'Why does UK Column refuse to denounce freemasonry when we all know by now that top freemasons are involved in the criminal justice system ?' This is now my final email to you on the subject of UK Column. I look forward to seeing your expose of them for the sake of their victims. Thankyou and have a blessed day. Caroline Stephens Seeking the Truth

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