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EU Drafting Law on Seizure of Private Property During Pandemics: Report

The European Union is reportedly drafting legislation that would allow Brussels to take private property in the event of a pandemic emergency. In an unpublished New Year message to his staff, the EU’s Intermarket Commissioner, Thierry Breton has laid out his plans for the creation of a “Single Market Emergency Instrument” which will include a “toolbox of measures” in order to guarantee the “security of supply during a crisis”.



Closure of the digital gap, new global education approach, unity and innovation. Here’s how the future of education was discussed during Davos 2021. This year’s Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos was held virtually under the theme A Crucial Year to Rebuild Trust. As expected, the focus of all discussions was the need for adaptation due to the COVID-19 pandemic and more efficient global cooperation. Davos 2021 brought together 1,700 participants from governments, businesses and civil society from more than 80 countries who worked together to address the world’s newest economic, environmental, social, technological and educational challenges. Among else, the panelists discussed the question of what digital skills, policies, practices and partnerships are needed to elevate future-ready employability skills. -------------

Scarborough- Grand Hotel

Now being used in part at least as an asylum hotel







-------- USA Lawmakers in New York are preparing to vote on a bill that will allow authorities to act upon unvaccinated individuals. These acts include – but are not limited to – the removal of people identified as carriers or communicable diseases and those potentially dangerous to public health. The bill is included in the agenda for the next legislative assembly for both the state senate and assembly on Jan. 5, 2022. If ratified, the authorities will be given executive powers similar to those in Australia, where quarantine camps are set up for people who test positive for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), as well as those who test negative – even as it continues to pose little to no impact on the daily lives of individuals and business owners. ------- --------- Lord Dannatt, chairman of the National Emergencies Trust, praised the nationwide response so far, but said more needed to be done. "We are delighted that there is growing support for the Trust and that we have been able to start getting money out to organisations who can help people within a week of launching," he said. "But we need much more. That's why we are calling on everyone, even at this unsettling time, to dig deep and make a contribution. That generosity will ensure that we get through this unprecedented time with our most vulnerable communities cared for and supported." -------------- 29 August 2020 List of 34 scientists all of whom have been affiliated with, or funded by, Jeffrey Epstein through the MIT, and who also vigorously promote, implement and are the beneficiaries of the coronavirus pandemic and its consequences. Take especial note of the fact, none of the below scientist’s are expert in the fields of Virology (study of viruses) or Epidemiology (study of epidemics) : Barish, Barry Uni. Of California, Caltech experimental physicist Chomsky, Noam Harvard MIT linguist, philosopher, cognitive scientist, historian Church, George MIT, Harvard geneticist, molecular engineer, chemist Dawkins, Richard Oxford ethnologist, evolutionary biologist Dennett, Daniel Harvard, Oxford, philosopher, writer, cognitive scientist Gardner, Howard Harvard, developmental psychologist Goertzel, Ben Temple University, mathematics, AI researcher Gross, David Uni. of California, theoretical physicist Harrington, Anne Harvard, Oxford, history of psychiatry neuroscience and cognitive science Hawking, Stephen Oxford, Cambridge, theoretical physicist, cosmologist

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