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Hancock's Comedy Half Hour

Whoever controls the media controls the mind’ famous singer and songwriter Jim Morrison once said.

I’d like to put to bed some fake information that Parliament and social media have been saying/circulating.

Let’s firstly take the mask. This was the advice given to Boris Johnson. Boris asks ‘tell us about the value of wearing face masks, you see face masks all around the place? Is there any point to that?’

Response – ‘If a healthcare professional hasn’t advised you to wear a face mask, it’s usually quite a bad idea. People tend to leave them on, they contaminate the face mask and then wipe it over something. So it’s not a good idea and doesn’t help.’

Michael Gove over in The Independent 4 days ago stated that face coverings will not be made compulsory in shops.*

For PTSD suffers, wearing a mask can trigger panic and shame attacks for trauma survivors.**

Having read various articles which I will include on my website in this blog suffice to say that cloth masks are not very efficient with small particles, mask wearing can increase infection and most people do not even know how to wear or use them. You may recall that Chris Witty, Chief Medical Officer, had told The Independent*** in March that he would not advise wearing them.

Secondly people keep saying that Trump has taken over the Fed. Yesterday in my cash video, I explained that USA, Australia and UK being part of the G20 nations and they are monitored internationally by the Financial Stability Board. In 2014 they signed a supra national banking law to allow banks to ‘bail in’ or take your cash in your bank account. When I asked an expert about the seeming fake information about Trump he responded ‘you could be forgiven into thinking that it is more like the Fed taking over Trump!!’ The too big to fail banking fraternity is dictating the US Federal Reserve’s Covid 19 bailout response. Historic collusion to save the banks with Black Rock at the wheel?

Incidentally, Global Justice Now writes

G20 ministers meet this weekend. As coronavirus rages, tell them to drop the debt. The number of new coronavirus cases across Africa increased by 24% last week. We’ve been warned that 500 million people could be pushed into poverty because of the pandemic. Countries like El Salvador have been completely overwhelmed, its health system is close to collapse. This pandemic is far from over. Yet as governments across the global south struggle to deal with the crisis, they continue to pay hundreds of millions of pounds to some of the richest hedge funds on earth. Today we launch a report with Jubilee Debt Campaign, Oxfam and Christian Aid, which shows that even in the pandemic, the lowest income countries are spending $2.8 billion a month servicing their debts – with nearly $1 billion every month going into the coffers of large banks and investment funds. It seems that banks rule the world and cause so much of the misery in it!

Finally in the UK Parliament yesterday, we watched the much publicised Hancock’s Half Hour…indeed one didn’t know whether to laugh or cry such was the comedy being played out in Parliament. It turned out to be most disappointing…

Government actor, Hancock, advised his fellow thespians

Schools and early years education will be permitted to open again as normal from 24th July in Leicester

Ashworth, actor for the opposition, took to the stage & responded

But Schools in Leicestershire broke up on 10th July

Hancock, actor, government stated that

On 16th March we went into lockdown

Err. This date was conveniently not queried by any other thespians. For those of us who are keeping tabs on the rogue government, CV was downgraded on 19th March and we didn’t go into lockdown on 23rd March.

Government actor Hancock spent some time looking down at this papers – it was difficult to see whether he was having a laughat our expense or smirking.

I had to laugh at someone's comment (Nathan) who had commented on last night's live broadcast. 'Not being funny. Where’s the important announcement I’ve got Bolognese to make.'

Finally opposition actor Ashworth asks who is going to compensate the families who have paid to go on holiday but cannot because of the lockdown. This was the 64 million dollar question for many people and it appeared not to have a validated answer from actor Hancock.

So the question must surely be who is running Great Britain?

The globalists and banksters that’s WHO! Excuse the pun but yes World Health Organisation too!

It seems that Number 10 dog would do a better job complete with his Twitter account following Larry the Cat!!


*Gove & Masks

**PTSD & Wearing of Masks


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