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God will use who He chooses to get His message out into the world. I should say UK Column's response to God's message was 'Paul is a newbie Christian'. And? Our Creator wants them to denounce freemasonry (freemasons underpin much of what is wrong with this world as we know - e.g. why people struggle with planning permission) and put Him as priority. Why do they refuse in reality? The Book of Enoch is for these days. The final days.

Nobody/ no group that talks about political matters with a substantive platform mentions Our Saviour being Jesus Christ. Freemasons don't mention His name. People who haven't had demons in their lives/houses have turned to Jesus Christ and the demon spirits have fled.

When the countries sign up to the Global International Pandemic Agreement on 24th August 2022, when people realise that they cannot afford their next energy bill who will people turn to then? How will the money markets react to the forthcoming Global agreement? How will our services be able to handle greater and greater numbers of people moving into this country due to war, famine, free movement of people through the Commonwealth due to the signing of these new 'trade' agreements. The new 'trade' is the 'trading' of people.

The clock is ticking. Here's an important video.

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