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Freemasons and corruption

Somerset. The origin of this allegation was also traced to Avon and Somerset Police Bridgewater Police Station.

Chief Constable Crew and Deputy Chief Constable Watson, Avon and Somerset Police hold a document that lists seven Avon and Somerset Police officers/detectives, including two

Detective Superintendents one of whom was held responsible for the failure to recover my Court of Protection, Medical Certificates, when called for by the Court of Protection and Civil

Court of Appeal. I also now have a copy of this list. Assistant Chief Constable Jon Reilly was a Detective Superintendent in 2014, however Jon Reilly name is not on this list and was not held accountable. Detective Chief Inspector Simon Wilstead, later Superintendent Simon Wilstead head of professional standards at Avon and Somerset Constabulary, name is on the list.

I also was a Freemason for 25 years, a member of a London Lodge whose membership was drawn from the Lord Chancellors Department, The Judiciary, The Metropolitan Police

and others. I also resigned from Freemasonry, the focus, the failure of Dr. David Stables, Chief Executive of the United Grand Lodge of England and Wales to safeguard the children,

mothers, elderly and vulnerable from the not so Worshipful Brother H.H. Judge Simon Oliver, who as is now known was conducting Court of Protection hearings when not authorized.

Dr. David Stables having protected WBro HHJ Simon Oliver since 2014 resigned unexpectedly less than 2 weeks after my arrest by Avon and Somerset Police.

I enclose below a photo that may be of assistance.


Leonard Lawrence

The photo below Worshipful Brother Alan Chambers (Centre of photo) Tynte Lodge No 7994 Bridgwater, Somerset, England, UK, looks remarkably like the Alan Chambers I encountered

on the 30 March 2022 at my home and at Avon and Somerset Police, Bridgewater Police Station. (Alan Chambers, center of photo, grey beard and standing)

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