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For the attention of Christian Concern

For the attention of Andrea Williams Lawyer at Christian Concern - Archie Battersbee case - this letter is for open circulation

Hi Andrea

I do hope that you are well.

You may recall that we've met on at least two occasions (Bath and London - David Hathaway event).

I humbly seek clarification over a case that Our Creator needs addressing and addressing now and that's the very distressing case of a neglected Archie Battersbee. Firstly, in my honest opinion, I am totally amazed by the seeming lack of state intervention. It really is truly disconcerting that social services have never intervened in this very distressing case. Surely this is most unusual given the history surrounding the family history. After having interviewed many families they often intervene literally at the drop of a hat involvingthe coppers at the earliest opportunity. Now as you are a qualified lawyer, you will be already aware of these facts. The evidence is for all to see on social media and is truly overwhelming. I understand from the internet that Christian Concern have been providing legal advice for the family concerned whilst Archie has been in hospital (this in itself intrigues me) so I thought it prudent to drop you a line in my quest to establish the true facts in Our Creator's name.


1. There is a Wikipedia page in Archie’s name. Wow. This is extraordinary in such a short space of time. Very well coordinated. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

2. According to the Bucks Herald, an Aylesbury Charity launched fundraising for Archie.

3. The family themselves have launched their own crowdfunding too with £35k already collected in addition.

This is shouting out at me.....Archie was covered under the NHS and Christian Concern were providing legal advice..... isn't this the truth Andrea?

In THEIR words:

this fundraiser is for EVEYTHING and ANYTHING archie and family may need; FUTURE medical fees, rehabilitation, second opinions, legal advice, home renovations to cope for Archie’s medical needs, mobility needs, physio, emotional therapy, anything archie needs or wants!!!

4. Why did Archie's mum want him in a hospice? End of life care? Where is this leading Andrea? Does end of life mean euthanasia? The devil is always in the detail. Is this what this story is about at the end of the day?

Are we saying that euthanasia is illegal

But end of life care is acceptable? And this case is about proposing a change of legislation? Is this a government Problem (too many useless eaters) Reaction (this case). Solution........

Have you seen this video

So beds are being 'clogged up'? What would Our Creator have to say about all of this?


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