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February 24th Newsletter

February 2022 - Yahweh is the answer

Louisa Lloyd-Jones Senior Lawyer | Ministry of Justice, Justice and Development Division |Litigation Group| Government Legal Department 102 Petty France, Westminster | London SW1H 9GL | DX 123243 Westminster 12 Email: Louisa, Once again, were you not advised to stop bullying me! That includes instructing the police on false allegations. You may wish to advise Susan McGibbon, Treasury Solicitor and Permanent Secretary of the Government Legal Department, that the Government Legal Department internal emails, between 2004 to 2006, have come into my possession 14 days ago. The emails have now been scanned and copied and are in safe keeping. As are other documents. They name those within the Governmental Legal Department that was responsible for the theft of my assets, including solicitor Helen Mary CLIFT. The emails also identify that Helen CLIFT deletes her emails once read. We even have Helen CLIFT deleted emails. The emails give an amazing insight how veterans are treated by some within the Government Legal Department. There is one PTSD medical document that is of particular interest, that was used by the Government Legal Department to substitute two Court of Protection Medical Certificates CP2's. I plan to deliver this PTSD document to Dr David Staples, Chief Executive Officer at the United Grand Lodge of England - the governing body for English Freemasonry. The Worshipful Brother HHJ Simon Oliver is most welcome to attend Freemasons Hall, London, given that Freemasonry has a financial interest in myself and my finances. I only wish that those mothers that have been forced to leave the United Kingdon by Worshipful Brother HHJ Simon Oliver with their children could accompany m/Austrae. Leonard Lawrence

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