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February 2022 Letter sent to Oxford

Environmental Protection Act 1990, Sections 111 And 112:

Consent to Release Genetically Modified Organisms, Reference


1. In accordance with section 111 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, the Secretary

of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs hereby grants consent to the Oxford

Vaccine Group to perform the release of genetically modified organisms described in its

application (Reference 20/R48/01a) and subject to the limitations and conditions set out in

Schedule 1 to this consent.

2. Insofar as they relate to the protection of human health and safety, the terms and

conditions of this consent have been agreed with the Health and Safety Executive.

3. The explanatory memorandum attached to this consent explains the limitations and

conditions set out in the Schedule and contains important information on the general

conditions and other provisions to which the consent is also subject but does not form part

of the consent.

Jo Churchill MP

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