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Data is the new Oil

With another freemason/ Mossad controlled Saturday in front of us please may I remind you that:

a) the CURRENT controller of this planet is Lucifer (the light bearer)

b) freemasons worship Lucifer

c) the Light..... .Paper has NOTHING to do with Jesus Christ being the 'light of the world'

d) having personally seen how a small newspaper is produced (14 people round a table debating topics and writing articles talking/corresponding endlessly) whoever is behind the newspaper has serious cash/connections etc)

e) weeks ago I warned that the organisation had received a strike against it at Companies House and at the beginning of this month I commented that it had been dissolved on 15th February

f) I should just like to add that the Light promotes reiki, angel cards, gsia etc none of which has any standing with Our Creator/Jesus Christ.

g) the person at the top of the operation works directly with United Nations.

h) hope nobody gave their contact details to anybody. Data is the new oil.

To conclude: substantial amounts of money were sent from all over the world (allegations given to me by someone working close to the coalface) so the Truth community should be asking where this money emanated from actually appears to be a government psyops.

Now that the organisation has been dissolved, someone should insist on a set of accounts being produced. There should also be clarification as to whether there has been compliance in respect of data collation involved. Who now has control of a list of people who could be targeted by the government?

(Didn't the government state that they planned to clamp down on those circulating such material with possible prison sentences. Make sure you protect your own family.)


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