Clinically dead on 31st May 2022 yet alive and kicking according to Christian Concern - so much so..

The desperately sad situation has made international headlines, and Firth now finds herself on the receiving end of a backlash as a result of her visit. However, the family of Archie Battersbee see things differently. In fact, they have been full of praise for the Tory MP.

Hollie Dance, mother of Archie, gave a glowing review of Anna Firth to local media

“What a lovely visit from Southend’s MP Anna Firth. Genuinely interested in Archie’s condition and day-to-day care. She even had a little chat to him along with her chaperone Richard. Anna brought Archie a Jubilee certificate and flag so he doesn’t miss out on the celebrations.” | Hollie Dance, 2 June 2022

Very strange that when Jo Cox was assassinated, the Brexit Campaign was halted. Not so in this case. Distasteful or what?!!

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