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2022 here we come - Fenton - Dec 14th 2021

========= ========== ========== ========== ------------- There are groups on Telegram in particular that appear to be being misled about the powers of the House of Lords. Let's clarify the situation. The Parliament Act 1911, which REMOVED FROM the House of Lords the power to VETO a Bill, except one to extend the lifetime of a Parliament. (Boris has previously muted his own 10 year plan). Instead, the Lords could only delay a Bill by up to two years. The Act also reduced the maximum lifespan of a Parliament from seven years to five years. The Lords' power was further REDUCED in 1945, when an overwhelming Labour Party majority in the House of Commons faced a large and recalcitrant Conservative majority in the House of Lords. The Act effectively removed the right of the House of Lords to veto money bills completely, and replaced its right of veto over other public bills with the ability to DELAY them for a maximum of two years (the Parliament Act 1949 reduced this to ONE). For centuries, the House of Lords had included SEVERAL HUNDRED members who inherited their seats from their fathers ( thus they were called hereditary peers); the HOUSE OF LORDS ACT REMOVED such a right. However, as part of a compromise, the Act did permit ninety-two hereditary peers to remain in the House on an interim basis. RESULT - THE HOUSE OF LORDS original role of providing the checks and balances for the HOUSE OF COMMONS does NOT really exist anymore. This final blow in 1999 was engineered by Tony Blair and co. Here is an account of what happened at that time. Thankyou and please share. People need to know the truth Seeking the Truth Telegram Group

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